A truly classic game is going to come back in all its glory on the App Store soon. If you’re someone who has been gaming for a very long time, you surely know about classic arcade game Boulder Dash.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary is going to be released in early 2014 on the App Store to celebrate the game’s 30th Anniversary. Really surprising.

What makes this release from TapStar Interactive very interesting is the fact that the creators of the original game, Peter Liepa and Chris Gray, have returned to work on the game for the first time in years. It’s only fitting to let them create even more great contents for a celebrative title.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary is going to include over 50 new levels as well as new creatures, worlds, power ups, a dash mode and both Rockford and Crystal as playable characters.

As if all the new contents already detailed above aren’t enough, you will be able to download some extra Cave packs which will be packed with more boulder to dig and caves to explore. A cave editor is also going to be included, allowing gamers to create their own custom levels.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary is going to be a free title, launching in early 2014 on the App Store. We’ll keep you updated as soon as something new comes in the game’s release date.



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