Booster Raiders Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Win All Races

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Get ready to race with your favorite Halfbrick heroes! Booster Raider is a online platform racer featuring well-known characters like Dan from Dan the Man, Barry Steakfries from Jetpack Joyride, and Mari from the Fruit Ninja series.

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Run, jump, and boost your way through randomly generated levels that change every day, so the challenge is always fresh! Our Booster Raiders cheats and tips will show you how to master racing and level up your characters so that you can win all the races!

Booster Raiders is all about knowing the levels, getting lots of booster packs to level up your characters, and mostly knowing how to move fast. Let’s go over all of those in our Booster Raiders cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to win all races!

Try not to race too much when scissors are exhausted!

You have maximum cap of 100 potential scissors. Every time you win a league race, you will be rewarded with 20 scissors. Once you have exhausted that, you may continue to race, but you will not earn any scissors. You will still earn coins and league points, though.

Try not to do this too much though – if you keep on racing and performing well, you will end up in the higher leagues without the corresponding character upgrades and levels. You might put yourself at a huge disadvantage by going too far too early on, so it might be better to wait for your scissors to recharge over time!

Use your boost often!

Your personal boost recharges fairly fast, so do not be afraid to use it whenever you want. You do not even to wait for it to recharge fully before you can use it, but this will make the boost shorter than usual. Boosting should be done whenever it is full, but you can also use it to trip up your opponents.

If you are running neck and neck with your opponents, they will often times try to boost as much as possible. It is okay to let them pull ahead for a bit, but just wait for your boost to fully charge. Attack them, then boost to REALLY pull ahead!

Complete your quests!

Starting off, you will only have one quest available. Quests are worth coins and quest points – once you collect quest points, you can claim a free silver booster pack! You will unlock the second quest slot completing the first quest, then the third slot is unlocked as soon as you complete three quests. Silver booster packs contain at least one rare card in them, so you absolutely need them!

Use all of your characters!

You should be upgrading your characters evenly, because it helps with the Raiders Road! In order to move up on the Raiders Road, you will need trophies, and trophies are basically levels for your characters. Every time you level up one of your characters, you will earn a trophy, so the best way to earn lots of trophies is to level up all of your characters equally.

Time your items carefully and watch out for enemies!

Keep one eye open behind you! If you see an opponent gaining on you and there is a red exclamation mark above their heads, that means they have an item ready to use on you, so get ready to dodge! Jump, drop down, or boost – whatever it takes to make a gap between you and your opponent. Alternatively, you can also counter attack with your own item.

Timing your item usage is a good way to pull ahead of the group. If all of your opponents are at each others’ throats, it might be a good idea to let them get in front of you. Once they are grouped up, let loose your item to hit them all in one go!

That’s all for Booster Raiders! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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