Boom Pilot Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Boom boom boom! It is time to blow up some malfunctioning robots in Boom Pilot, a top-down arcade shooter full of simple fun action! Pick a plane with special abilities, upgrade its stats, and use a variety of special weapons to blow up the robot army! Our Boom Pilot tips and tricks will show you how to be a master of the skies.

Boom Pilot requires a little bit of dexterity, so prepare yourself for a challenging retro experience! We will help you with lots of tips in our Boom Pilot cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep a steady hand and weave between bullets!

Movement in Boom Pilot is done by simply sliding your finger around to move your ship. However, you will quickly notice that your ship has a bit of momentum to it, so it slides around even after you are done moving your finger. Be sure to make steady and firm swipes in order to ensure that your plane does not slide around. This is especially important when you are fighting bosses and you need to make careful movements to get around bullets!

Go for the combo!

When you destroy enemy ships in rapid succession, you will start a combo multiplier. This makes it so that every successive ship you destroy will be worth more points, and the more your destroy the bigger the multiplier will be! Mastering the combo system is the key to getting big scores, which is what you need to get all three stars on the level. Try to move from enemy to enemy quickly so that you do not drop your combo!

Take no damage for bonus coins!

If you manage to survive a level without taking a single hit, you will earn a no damage bonus. This bonus will reward you with 250 coins at the end of the level, and the level will be marked with a special sticker signifying that you completed the level without taking a hit!

Save up your coins!

There are four planes for you to buy in the hangar. With the exception of the Cargo, the planes costs 5,000 coins to unlock. These planes have the same stats as your starting plane, but each one of them comes with a special ability attached to it. For example, the Cargo plane gets more from coin pick ups, and the Space plane can fire more missiles.

5,000 coins may seem like a lot, but you will actually reach that amount fairly quickly provided you do not buy anything beforehand. From the amount of coins you get during the levels to the free chests, you should be able to hit 5,000 coins early on.

Get the Ripley!

While the Cargo is definitely a good choice because of the coin boost, the other ship we highly recommend is the Ripley. The Ripley’s special ability is that it has a faster fire rate than the other planes, and this means way more damage than the other planes. Once you upgrade the damage and critical on it, it will do lots of damage!

Upgrade your stats!

Once you get the ship of your choosing, it is time to upgrade your ship’s stats. Damage increases the amount of damage your shots do, while Critical increases the chance of a shot landing a critical hit. When you land a critical hit, that shot will do massive bonus damage! Lastly, Lives is basically your health and determines how many hits you can take before you go down. You should always have at least two lives to ensure that you do not get one-shotted during a level.

That’s all for Boom Pilot! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Boom Pilot Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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