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Board Kings Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Board Kings Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Board Kings is an all new approach to classic board games! Roll the dice to walk around your own personal board to collect coins. With enough coins, you can start building landmarks on your board to make it special! Then, hop aboard the train to visit other players’ boards and maybe even take some of their coins! Our Board Kings cheats and tips will start you off with some helpful hints.

Board Kings, like most board games, is based on a lot of luck, so do not worry too much when things are not going your way. They will change soon! With that said, here are some tips to get you started in our Board Kings cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Try to land on the Police Station!

When you are hopping around your own board, sometimes you might get lucky and land right on your Police Station space. Whenever you land on this space, a police car will spawn somewhere on your board. Should another player who has invaded your board land on this space, they will be imprisoned and will have to pay a gem fee or be forced to leave! Do note that you can only have up to two cops active at once; you will need to pay gems to increase the cap.

Likewise, be careful about other player’s boards that have a lot of cops stationed around. You might find that the trip results in a net loss rather than gain if you are not careful around them!

Check back and use your rolls!

When you first start out Board Kings, you can hold up to 30 rolls. You gain four rolls back every hour, meaning you will hit your full cap in about eight hours or so. You probably do not need a reminder if you are playing the game a lot, but always make sure to check in every now and then to use your rolls. Try not to hit the cap ever so that you are always generating new rolls.

Connect to Facebook for free rolls!

After you have completed the introduction sequence, you will be left on your own with your board to play on. You will quickly run out of moves, but keep in mind that you can connect your Facebook account for a one-time bonus! Connecting to Facebook for the first time will net you 30 rolls and a couple of gems. Try to use up all of your existing rolls before you do this!

Get revenge!

When other players invade your board, they can easily steal over half of your earnings! But do not fret though, as there is a way to get them back! When you land on the train space, you can choose to go to a random player’s board, OR you can go to a specific player assuming they robbed you.

Simply tap on the More button, then slide the slider to the left to set it to “Revenge” mode. This will show the latest players who have visited your board, so make sure you get sweet, sweet revenge on them! While we are on the subject…

Spend your coins quick!

You never want to hold onto your cash for too long in Board Kings, because as we mentioned, it can disappear in a flash. Upgrade the buildings on your board as soon as possible to avoid any would-be players coming in to steal it all for themselves. This in turn will help you unlock Landmarks faster, so there is just no reason to save your money.

That’s all for Board Kings! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Board Kings Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Unless this game has no true rhym or reason, this was one of the poorest explaintions of game play I have ever read.

    I don’t see the objective, flow, the fun or even the overview.

    I truly hope I just missed it or was looking at it with the wrong expectations.

    If I have please guide me to a better/different site.


    • When another player owns (buys) one of your properties, you need to land on that space on your board where the property is located. It will release your property back to you.


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