Blue Archive Wakamo: All Known Lore and Backstory


Blue Archive is a futuristic strategy RPG where players command a squad of highly trained soldier girls through intense combat scenarios. With tons of charactes each with their own backstories, Blue Archive’s lore and world are actually quite interesting. There in one character in particular, Wakamo, a mysterious force that shows up during the main campaign. She’s eventually going to be a playable character, so if you’d like to know more about her, here is Blue Archive’s all known lore and backstory about Wakamo!

Wakamo’s Lore and Backstory

A dangerous person who escaped from the Bureau of Corrections after being suspended from Hyakkiyako Alliance Academy. When she met sensei for the first time, she didn’t attack nor point a gun at them however, for some reason she got upset and ran away.

— Wakamo’s in-game backstory

Wakamo was once a soldier who was a part of the Hyakkiyako Alliance Academy. Due to an unknown incident, the Academy deemed her unreliable and sent her to a corrections facility, but she eventually escaped.

Wakamo is encountered multiple times throughout the main campaign of Blue Archive, and her first encounters are rather perplexing. Donning a mysterious mask, Wakamo builds up a name for herself as being a deadly and precise soldier. However, when she meets the player commander, she hesitates and disappears.

Players will continue to encounter her as the story unfolds, and eventually you’ll get to understand her story more. If you don’t mind some light spoilers, you can see a video of her talking briefly about the Schale Building.

Source: YouTube – Inari Ibuki

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Due to her consistent presence in the story and her rather unique design, many players wondered if she would eventually become a playable character. Their suspicions seem to be correct, as a datamine revealed a Live 2D portrait for Wakamo, which essentially confirms her as a playable character. The exact date she will be added to the game is still a mystery, though.

That’s all we know about Wakamo at the moment. If you have any other questions or tidbits to add, let us know in the comments below!

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Blue Archive Wakamo: All Known Lore and Backstory


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