Blue Archive Mashiro Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More

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All you need to know.

Mashiro appears as a playable character in the Gacha RPG mobile game called Blue Archive.

Read on ahead to learn everything there is to know about the silent yet devoted Mashiro!

Basic Details

  • Full Name: Shizuyama Mashiro
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: June 5
  • Height: 155 cm
  • Hobbies: Writing in her observation diary, climbing high places
  • Voiced by: Kito Akari
  • Illustrated by: POPQN
  • Release Date: 2/11/21

Lore and Background

Mashiro is a regular and responsible student of Trinity Joint Academy and a member of the Justice Actualization Committee. Mashiro carries a comically huge rifle when compared to her own petite size. Adding on to more contrasts, she is known to be highly devoted when it comes down to business.

Mashiro barely speaks or interacts with people, but automatically starts making conversation when anyone mentions the topic of justice. Mashiro carries out her duty of providing fire support without any complaint.

In-Game Details

  • Attack: 2682
  • Defense: 95
  • HP: 18246
  • Healing: 4720
  • Accuracy: 900
  • Evasion: 200
  • Critical Rate: 200
  • Critical Damage: 200%
  • Stability: 2300
  • Firing Range: 1000
  • CC Strength: 100
  • CC Resistance: 100

Mashiro’s Role

Mashiro plays the role of an Attacker / Back. She provides decent support to her allies while also dealing large amounts of burst damage to enemies. Combine that with an increased crit rate and increased damage, and Mashiro turns into a foe you would regret taking lightly.


EX Skill

Deal 415-664% damage to one enemy, 50-75% chance of additional 623-716% damage, for a low cost of 3.

Normal Skill

Every 20 seconds, target a circular area with 150-286% Attack.


Increase Critical Rate by 14-26.6%.

Passive Skill

Increase Accuracy of all allies by 9.1-17.3%, a buff highly appreciated by allies.

How to Obtain Mashiro

  • Mashiro can be obtained through the regular Gacha pool.
  • She can also be obtained through the PvP Shop.

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Blue Archive Mashiro Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More


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