Blue Archive L2D Guide: How to Unlock Live 2D Animations in Blue Archive

Blue Archive L2D Guide: How to Unlock Live 2D Animations in Blue Archive

As in any gacha game, in Blue Archive, you will collect different characters, in our case, these are students. But Blue Archive is different from other games since it has Live 2D Animations for each of your characters. We will tell you how to unlock them in this guide.

What is L2D?

You spend half of the gaming time on the main screen, and the static image quickly gets boring. Therefore, the developers have added the animation feature on the main screen. And you can change it with every character you receive.

How to Unlock Live 2D Animations

To unlock 2D Animations, you must increase your Affection level. All characters have different levels of Affection, and L2D is unlocked at different levels. The first one you get is the Yuuka animation because she needs 1 level of Affection. The rest of the characters need levels 5 to 9.

First, go to the Cafe every day. Every day, your 4 characters will appear there randomly. Click on them to raise the level a little. If you want to increase the Affection of a certain character, there is an Invitation button at the bottom. By clicking on it, you can choose which character to invite to the cafe.

Your second step is to do the Lessons. You can do this up to three times a day. In the Lessons tab, you will see different locations with different ranks and rewards for them. When you enter the office, simply click Start Lesson. By the way, only recruited students will receive affection points. We recommend that you do the lessons every day so that you can increase your Affection very quickly.

Finally, Gifts are the most effective for the level of Affection. You can only craft them. We have a guide on how to do this. And to give them, you need to go to a cafe and drag the gift onto the character whose L2D you want to unlock.

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Blue Archive L2D Guide: How to Unlock Live 2D Animations in Blue Archive


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