Blue Archive Ichinose Asuna Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More

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All you need to know.

Asuna appears as a playable character in the Gacha RPG mobile game called Blue Archive.

Read on ahead to learn everything there is to know about the beautiful and tactical Asuna!

Basic Details

Full Name: Ichinose Asuna

Age: 17

Birthday: March 24

Height: 167 cm

Hobbies: Battling

Voiced by: Hasegawa Ikumi

Illustrated by: Mx2j

Release Date: 2/4/21

Lore and Background

Ichinose Asuna acts as an agent of Millenium’s secret agency called “C&C”. Asuna is highly intuitive as well as intelligent. She is a veteran battler who has often overcome obstacles with her overwhelmingly accurate intuition.

Asuna has a great sense of teamwork and companionship when it comes to working on missions. She openly trusts people she deems worthy and dissolves any sense of uncertainty or doubt. Asuna may sometimes make decisions that people cannot understand, but she never fails to produce results in the end.

In-Game Details

Attack: 2057

Defense: 97

HP: 17843

Healing: 3400

Accuracy: 681

Evasion: 778

Critical Rate: 243

Critical Damage: 200%

Stability: 1436

Firing Range: 650

CC Strength: 100

CC Resistance: 100

Asuna’s Role

Asuna plays the role of an Attacker / Mid. She possesses multiple ways to boost her attack speed, making her a quick and deadly foe to face. She excels at one-to-one combat and can be highly evasive and agile through the use of her EX Skill, making her very hard to beat.


EX Skill

Once you activate her EX skill, Asuna’s evasion increases by 43.4%, and attack speed by 30.2-57.3% for 30 seconds, for a mere 2 cost!

Normal Skill

Asuna deals 219-416% damage to one enemy every 20 seconds.


Her Sub Skill allows you to increase attack speed by 20.1-38.3% for 30 seconds when her EX skill is activated.

Passive Skill

Increases critical damage by 14-26.6%

How to Obtain Hina

Hina can be obtained through the regular Gacha pool, or by farming:

  • 4-1H
  • 7-1H

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Blue Archive Ichinose Asuna Character Guide: Lore, Skills, and More


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