Blue Archive: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Cheats

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All you need to know.

We’re not going to beat around the bush: you are here for a beginner’s guide to Blue Archive, and we’re going to give it to you.

Read on to find out all you’d need to know about Blue Archive!

Summoning Students

In Blue Archive, you are required to summon/roll for various characters through their summoning banners. What every summoning banner has in common are the rarities of Students and the rates of summoning them. The various rates for the rarities of Students are given below:

  • 1 Star Students: 79%
  • 2 Star Students: 18.5%
  • 3 Star Students: 2.5%

Fun fact: When you do at least 10 summons, you are guaranteed to get at least one 2 Star Student from the summons.

Students and their Star System

Every Student in Blue Archive possesses the base star ratings of 3, 2, or 1, as previously discussed. However, regardless of the base rating of a Student, players can increase their Student’s rating to the maximum limit of 5 Stars by feeding that particular student’s Elephs to them.

Elephs are fragments for each Student that you can receive through summoning their duplicates, through the Eligma Shop, or via events.


There are 3 major currencies in Blue Archive:

Credit Points

This acts as the primary currency of Blue Archive which you can use to upgrade your heroes, their gear, skills, and abilities, as well as to buy things in the market, and more.


AP can be considered as what most other games call stamina or energy. It is mostly utilized through PvE. AP lets you progress through the game quicker through methods like using the Sweep function to skip gameplay. AP can be earned from doing daily tasks, events, buying drinks, and more.


Pyroxenes are the currency that lets you obtain premium items like daily packs and refreshing your AP. This currency is easy to obtain in the beginning due to the abundance of story missions, tasks, achievements, events, and so on. Later on, you need to be careful with how you spend your Pyroxenes, as they are harder to come by.


Every student possesses 4 different skill types. They are:

  • Normal Attack: These do not possess a skill cost which Students use on their own in accordance with their attack speed.
  • Sub Skill: These skills activate with a cooldown for a limited period of time automatically.
  • Basic Skill: These can also be called passive skills since they don’t use separate animations, and are permanently active from the start of the battle.
  • EX Skill: EX Skills are the most powerful skills, which usually possess a huge AoE and need to be used manually. These are a character’s Ultimate, which usually cost higher than the rest of their skills.

Blue Archive Cheats

To say it simply, there are no Blue Archive cheats available for players to use as of now. The game is very new, so it makes sense that it would take hackers quite some time before deploying trustworthy and safe cheats or hacks.

That being said, there are modded versions of Blue Archive available for you to download, but it is possible that a lot of the game’s features will not be available in the modded versions, so we won’t exactly recommend them either. The best you can do is wait for legit Blue Archive cheats and hacks to come out

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Blue Archive: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Cheats


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