Bloxorz Cheat Codes For Every Level


This website provides access to all of the cheat codes for the famous flash game Bloxzorz that can be found on Cool Math Games. This article will teach you all you need to know about the passcodes, including how to use them.

About The Game

The objective of the game is to manipulate the block in such a way that it enters the square opening at the conclusion of each level. There are a total of 33 levels to conquer. Utilize the left, right, up, and down arrow keys respectively in order to move the block across the environment. Take cautious not to lose your footing and tumble over the sides. If this occurs, the level will have to be started again from the beginning.

There are a number of levels that have bridges and switches. The switches are turned on when the block presses down on them, which activates them. It is not necessary for you to maintain your position on the switch in order to keep the bridges closed.

When turned on, each switch may exhibit a unique pattern of behavior. Each time it is utilized, there are some people who will switch the bridges between being open and closed and then open again. Some people will build bridges that are there to stay. The status of each bridge will be communicated by the flashing of squares of either green or red hue.

Bloxorz Passcodes For Each Stage

  • Level 01: 780464
  • Level 02: 290299
  • Level 03: 918660
  • Level 04: 520967
  • Level 05: 028431
  • Level 06: 524383
  • Level 07: 189493
  • Level 08: 499707
  • Level 09: 074355
  • Level 10: 300590
  • Level 11: 291709
  • Level 12: 958640
  • Level 13: 448106
  • Level 14: 210362
  • Level 15: 098598
  • Level 16: 000241
  • Level 17: 683596
  • Level 18: 284933
  • Level 19: 119785
  • Level 20: 543019
  • Level 21: 728724
  • Level 22: 987319
  • Level 23: 293486
  • Level 24: 088198
  • Level 25: 250453
  • Level 26: 426329
  • Level 27: 660141
  • Level 28: 769721
  • Level 29: 691859
  • Level 30: 280351
  • Level 31: 138620
  • Level 32: 879021
  • Level 33: 614955

How To Use The Passcodes

Keep in mind the passcode that is required for each stage. It may be found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. By choosing to “Load Stage” in the main menu and inputting the six-digit level code (check the list above), you will be able to return to a previous stage at a later time without having to go through it again.

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Bloxorz Cheat Codes For Every Level


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