Enjoy top-down shoot ’em ups of the past like Galaga and Space Invaders? Want a mobile fix? Well the ocean is calling for you, because Sonar Smash is exactly what you need with an underwater twist!

Sonar Smash is a classic arcade SHMUP, or shoot ’em up. Players take control of a special dolphin infused with ultra-powerful super sonic abilities. Using their sonar skill, the dolphin will swim through endless scaling waves of various sea creatures bent on stopping it.

Blast through seven different enemy types each with their own attack patterns, grab different sonar power ups that let you pulverize your enemies with waves of ultrasonic power, and more! There are plenty of ways to take out the enemies before you!

Sonar Smash, true to the classic genre, also features some crisp and colorful pixel art. With an upbeat and original soundtrack by Abstraction Music, Sonar Smash is truly a recreation of the old retro arcade games.

Sonar Smash is available now as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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