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Walk the walk and talk the talk in BitLife, the game where anyone can be anything! Becoming a model in BitLife is thankfully one of the more straightforward career choices in the game, as it is heavily dependent upon your physical looks. Since there are plenty of ways to improve your looks, becoming a model in BitLife is all about patience and hard work.

We’ve got a little guide for you here that’ll show you exactly how to start your modelling career, which as you can expect focuses on making yourself be as attractive as possible. Let’s get started with our BitLife guide on how to become a model!

Gotta Look the Part

To become a successful model, you’re going to have to be attractive, naturally. When you’re creating a new life keep an eye on your stats, namely your looks. If they’re too low, then you might want to consider restarting until you get lucky with your looks.

It’s not that big of a deal if your looks are around 50%, as you can easily work on improving those throughout your life, but your career will be much easier if you just born with awesome looks.

If you decide to start your life with less than stellar works, make sure you spend your early life working out and doing everything in your power to up your looks. That means you’ll need to start out with going on walks and practicing a martial art. When you get older you can hit the gym and once you have some money you can go on a diet.

Your looks need to be very high (above 90%) in order to even have a chance at becoming a model, so take this part seriously!

Early Life Efforts

As we mentioned, you want to spend most of your early life working out and staying healthy. Not only does your health improve but when you take care of your body, but your looks go up as well!

There really isn’t much to do during the early stages besides work on your physical appearance, so just live your life as normal and stay in school. Try not to get into too much trouble!

Go on walks, take martial arts classes, and then start going to the gym once you’re old enough. Your athleticism will be revealed to you once you get to high school, and if you’re physically talented joining a sports team/club will help out.

Start your Modelling Career

Once you’re out of high school you can attend university if you want to. We have no idea if it affects your chances of becoming a successful model, but since you probably won’t see any modelling jobs right away, it doesn’t hurt to study in the mean time.

Go ahead and go to university but keep checking the job listings every year – you want to keep an eye out for a model agency type of job. The entry positions are usually smaller modelling opportunities like a foot or hand model, but that’s your ticket into a modelling career. If you don’t see any model agency jobs for a while, try to raise your looks.

Start with any of those jobs and make sure to answer the interview question with integrity and consideration, and you should land the job! Keep at it like any other job and you’ll be promoted. Stay with it long enough and you’ll eventually be promoted to a full fledged model!

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BitLife: How to become a Model | Tips and Cheats


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