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Bio Inc. Nemesis Guide: Tips to Infect People Faster

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In today’s article we are going to check out all of the Bio Inc. Nemesis tips and cheats to infect more people and pass more stages in the game!

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As macabre as that sounds, it’s the nature of the game (which interestingly enough, given the circumstances, has a Coronavirus as well). Well, if we put that aside, the game is pretty similar to Plague Inc, but it goes into more individual cases, not the overall population.

This has made me super interested in the game, as each case can be unique depending on the traits that you evolve and the doctors that you’re up against (and how well they do). So if you’re up for the challenge, then you’re definitely going to have a blast playing Bio Inc. Nemesis!

But enough with the introductions! You came here to learn all of the Bio Inc. Nemesis tips and tricks that we’ve got for you so far, so let’s not waste another second and dive right into them right here below!

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Progress in the Campaign Mode first

One of the first things that you should do is to pay attention to the Campaign Mode levels and try to progress in them as much as you can. That is, because you should collect all of the drops from playing the stages. These drops are anything, from Gold to Sage and other items.

To check out the items you can receive from a Campaign level just head on to the “Campaigns” tab and there you can see, whenever you tap on another level, the drops that are available.

To see if your doctors are fit to beat the levels, you can check out the enemy power for each stage, whenever you tap on them. This number is located at the very top right side of the screen, on top of the “Possible Rewards”.

The Campaign mode is good to play in because of all the useful rewards which you can use for upgrading your Unlicensed doctors and for the Gold, which will be useful to you in the long run. So progress as much as you can!

How to win with 3 stars?

In order to win with 3 stars every level, there are a couple of conditions that you have to meet. You can only win with 3 stars if you meet both conditions, so let me list them down below:

– You need to win within 180 days.

– You must not lose the battle in any system.

They are not difficult, but you need to think very strategically and efficiently, so I suggest that you try to do it as much as you can. Winning with 3 stars will give you more and better rewards, than if you would win with just 2 stars, so it’s definitely a great added benefit.

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Claim your free rewards

There are two main types of free rewards in the game which you can claim. These rewards are the free Kits containing various goods and unlicensed doctors. The other one contains various free stuff, but only gives doctor shards.

Get the free Medical Kits

This is the box which you can claim once a day pretty much, but you will see the timer after you’ve claimed it. There it will show you how long until you can claim the next one, so I suggest that you always claim it whenever it is possible.

In my opinion you should try to claim this every single day, even if you are not really planning on playing the game for that particular day. Just log in and claim this because it will be worth it definitely.

Get the extra free stuff

This second option is like an emergency medical kit, as it is the red one next to the blue daily kit. Open this daily by watching an advertisement because it will contain 3 free random items, among which can be doctor shards.

You can only do this a couple of times a day, so make sure that you do it daily, preferably after you opened the blue Medical Kit, because it might give you doctor shards for your newly acquired doctors!

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Complete Daily Objectives

There will be a few daily objectives which you can only complete once a day. These will refresh every day, but you really should try to complete them daily because the rewards are well worth it.

From the Daily Objectives you can claim various stuff, among which a lot of XP to help you level up. I suggest that you do them before they reset, because they will refresh daily at 0:00.

Watch an ad for free Gold

If you find yourself short of a couple of Gold, you can always choose to watch an advertisement and claim some extra free Gold. Gold is used to open various Med Kits containing doctors and goods, so if you’re looking to expand your unlicensed doctors crew, then this is the way.

In order to claim free Gold, all you have to do is open the Store window. There, you need to head over to the Gold tab and the very option is going to offer you to watch a short ad and claim free Gold.

You can only do this 3 times a day, so make sure that you do it if you are a f2p player because it’s an easy and totally free way to obtain the premium currency quickly.

During battle, attack the weakest system first

Whenever you are battling with another virus which you want to win against the cure, you must always try to take down the weakest system first. Keep in mind that one all of the bubbles from one system have been activated, no matter if by you or the actual doctors team looking to cure the patient, that system will collapse.

I suggest that you try to fill in as many bubbles as you can, because that will increase your chances of winning, so even if you spend a few more points on weaker bubbles, as long as you have more infected than cured, then you have won that system.

I suggest that you keep an eye on the meters there and always try to make any move in such a way that you will have the upper hand in killing the patients.

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Obtain more doctors

You will be able to obtain more doctors by completing various levels in the game, but also by opening Medical Kits which contain them. Apart from the daily free kits, you can purchase two types of kits in the Shop which contain unlicensed doctors.

I suggest that firstly you save up 300 Gold to buy the chest which has 15 doctor shards, because spending Gold on the other chest is not worth it, since you can obtain that chest from the daily free reward anyway.

Level up the doctors

The doctors can level up to the maximum level of your hospital level. So if you have a hospital level 8, your doctors can be maximum level 8 and so on. That’s why leveling up your account (a.k.a. the hospital) is critical, because the more your doctors will level up, the stronger they will be.

Since some of the doctors’ abilities are level-capped, you might have to upgrade them to a certain level in order to teach them various traits.

Star up the doctors

Your doctors can be starred up and upgraded when you have collected enough doctor shards. These are obtained in the ways I mentioned above, so try to do that because it will increase their stats by a lot.

Teach doctors various skills

You probably noticed the 6 bubbles around the doctors – well, these are basically the doctors’ traits. When you have acquired the items necessary there, you can upgrade that doctor’s bubble. It will give the doctor a certain stat boost, which will come in handy depending on the team that healers you’re up against and patient.

Once you taught the doctors all 6 bubbles, you can upgrade them to the next tier! So make sure that you do it for your strongest doctors first in case you don’t have all of the items for all doctors just yet.

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These would be all of our Bio Inc. Nemesis tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with the rest of us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

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Bio Inc. Nemesis Guide: Tips to Infect People Faster

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