Ever since discovering Big Farm: Mobile Harvest a short while ago, I couldn’t stop playing. Goodgame’s title is slightly different than other farming games and makes me remember the good ol’ days of playing FarmVille on Facebook. I really enjoyed it and decided to come share with you a bunch of Big Farm: Mobile Harvest cheats and tips, a complete strategy guide to help you get the most out of your farm and do it fast.

It’s all pretty straightforward here, but if you just started playing this game and you want to make sure that you take advantage of everything it has to offer, read on for some useful Big Farm tips and tricks!


Follow the in-game missions
The best way to progress faster is by completing the in-game missions. These act as a story line for the game and help you get all the buildings and upgrades in the correct order (for most of the time at least) and also reward you with great items that you can use to keep the production going.

So follow these missions instead of doing things the way you think is best: your progress will get a huge boost if you go with completing the quests first.

Always upgrade something on the farm
You can only upgrade one thing at a time in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest and everything takes longer and longer. Therefore, you should always be working on an upgrade, making sure that you optimize your away times so that when you return you can start working on a new things.

When deciding on what to upgrade first, look into the biggest advantage you get from upgrading that thing. For example, soon after starting the game, you will have the option to upgrade your Farmhouse or your Windmill. Going with the Farmhouse first is the best idea because afterwards, all your construction times will be reduced by 10%. So always look at your multiple options and choose the best one first.

Be smart about your crop production
Go with a similar thing with crop production, too. When you log in to the game, after harvesting your fields, plant crops that are ready fast. Unless you need the flowers for a market order, go for the Corn since it’s used to produce chicken feed and only takes a minute. Try to harvest your fields at least a couple of times before logging out of the game – and when you do, make sure you have planted some crops that require a longer time to be ready.

Join a solid co-op
Being part of a solid cooperative with very active members is extremely important, as each player can donate loyalty points every 10 hours. Automatically, the more active the farmers are, the more points you get and the more goodies you can purchase with them from the special store. Can you collect enough to get the Wellspring of Charity?

Connect the game to Facebook
Big Farm also allows you to connect the game to Facebook and invite your real friends over. It’s a good thing to do because you can earn Gold if they join. And since Gold is the premium currency in the game, it’s extremely useful!

Don’t forget about your dog!
It’s easy to forget about the dog, especially when you just start playing, but you shouldn’t. You can find your dog’s house outside your farm, to the North-West and you should make sure to give him a free treat each day in order to get some free goodies. These are usually free items that will help you with the Market upgrades.

Make every square inch count
You’ll always find that space will be extremely limited in the game, and this is why you have to make sure that every available spot on your farm is occupied and producing something. Take your time when you have it to reorganize the buildings on your farm and arrange them in order to optimize space usage to the maximum. This way, you will get the chance to place even more buildings and decorations to keep the farm running at optimal terms.

Complete market orders
Market orders are extremely important here. They are fairly priced, unlike in most other games out there, and you don’t sell directly to other players. This means that you get instant money and experience (usually quite a bit of both) and this helps you grow your farm and go up the levels.

Also make sure to upgrade your market by purchasing improvements using the special items in the game. Go for the income and XP bonuses first, but work your way up and upgrade all things when you have the chance. As always, focus on those that have an immediate, solid impact.

Take your time
Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is not made to be won or completed in a few days. Invest time and energy in this game, trying to log in multiple times per day in order to maximize production and profits. The game becomes more and more interesting as you go up the levels, with various new buildings being unlocked when you reach a certain level. These new buildings improve the gameplay a lot and make everything even more fun, so it’s worth taking your time and being consistent. It’s all about having fun on the long term and this is exactly what the game provides!

These would be our tips and tricks for Big Farm: Mobile Harvest. Do you have other suggestions for fellow players, to help improve their game? Let us know by sharing your comments below.



  1. I have been online trying to find some sort of cheat sheet that shows how to get needed farm items snd what they are used on. Cant find a list of items anywhere.

    I would also love an explanation oh HOW TO becom part of a Coop. I can’t figure it out !! Thanks

  2. In case you are still looking for this answer:-
    To join a co-op, just click on the icon in the bottom right corner with the 3 people on it, then it will show a list of all the open co-ops. Go through them picking out the ones with over 20 members, that way you’ll be getting a higher chance of loyalty points every day! Take a good look at the comment that the originator put and pick one that you like the best, then click join and off you go.
    I’m trying to find out what fertilized products are for. I have stacks of fertilized corn mounting up and no idea how to sell it!

      • At which level do the boxed goods get mixed with water. My teammates are at higher levels and still no option to mix the boxed items with water. The boxed seeds are also not shown in the area where you mix the water. Bagged seeds are but not boxed seeds so what do you do with the boxed stuff you get from harvesting fields.

    • No, you do not have to buy the offer to upgrade the tower or the nursery unless you are in a big rush to get it done. If you go shopping (pig in cart button at bottom) the blueprints can be found in the epic chest although it is only a chance, you could wind up with any of the items BUT there is a chance you get blueprints if you buy it. Again, if you aren’t in a hurry.

  3. How do you rearrange cross or homes/buildings?

    “Take your time when you have it to reorganize the buildings on your farm and arrange them in order to optimize space usage to the maximum.”

    • Temporarily store decorations to make room for rearranging buildings, etc. Then place the stored decorations back when finished to restore happiness.

    • For pig food you need to grow cabbage and use the windmill to produce pig food. For humus (fertilizer) you need leaves that you get from the different orchards.

    • Temporarily store decorations to make room for rearranging buildings, etc. Then place the stored decorations back when finished to restore happiness.

    • Click and hold on the building and an arrow will appear to fill. Once filled let go of building and you will have options to move or demolish building.

  4. I am trying to plant the cherry trees after I harvested them. It shows that I don’t have enough seeds. Where or how do I get more?

    • You need to collect dung from the animals and use the silo to make fertilizer. You need 3 bags for cherry trees so you’ll need a lot of dung.

  5. @ Laurie Collins If you are still trying to move buildings, hold down on the one you want to move for 3 seconds. You will then have four options: the first is to cancel, the second to bulldoze, the third to rotate, and the last one to accept. If it is a decorative object you will have a fifth option to store it. That can be very helpful to clear some space when rearranging, and then you can bring them out of storage when finished. Good luck!

    • You have to pay real cash to get blueprints. However you can buy materials for upgrades, ie saws, nails, boards, etc. with loyalty points.

  6. How do you fertilize the trees? I don’t see it as an option anywhere, but you’re supposed to be able to fertilize the trees to increase yield.

    • You already fertilize the trees in order to start production, I was wondering why there is no option for hummus for trees there is for fields but not trees.

      • I was told there is no fertilizer for the Orchards(trees). I also thought by upgrading my trees/ orchards that by doing that it would cause them to produce/harvest faster than for example Cherry trees take 12 hrs. to grow. My Co-Oo Leader told me that upgrades only make more fruit to harvest & there was nothing that I could do to make trees speed up.

  7. We have a group and we need people who really wants to play and participate in all our projects, sounds like you, then come and join us. Look for FOXY FARM 69.

    • How do I leave my co-op?? The ppl in my group dont participate in sending loyalty points at all or any of the activities…it’s very frustrating…please help

      • When you are in your co-op, click on the first tab that is labeled Cooperative. There is a red door with an arrow coming out of it. Click that and you can leave.

  8. Anyone know how much pigs are worth not through contracts? And eggs, etc? That would seem like a good way to assess whether the contracts are good deals or not.

    • If you go to the little notepad on the bar at the bottom that has checkmarks on it, it shows you the for sale value of everything. You can even buy items if you really needed to. Just know they are more expensive.

  9. I’m trying to find a way to add more people to my co-op lone pine farm. I don’t know if anyone has seen any glitches. But I have not had a new member join in about two weeks and have space open. Anyone have suggestions??? It’s an awesome group of players;)

  10. How does my co-op level up? I can only do the first 2 (corn and apples). Have completed them both but can’t move forward??

  11. hi there,,i want to know about duck coop..i am at level 45 now..i want to know wether there is a quest that ask you to have two duck coops like the quest that ask us to have three pigsty? now i have only one free range duck coop,,and it did ask me to upgrade to level two which is kind of harder because it need purple coupon to do so..that is why i’m thinking to demolish the free range and replace with a normal duck coop instead so that it would be easy for me to do upgrades in the future..what concern me now is i’m afraid if there might be a new quest that ask me to have two duck coop after i demolish the free range one..and the reason why i dont want to have more than one duck coop is because of the limited space..tq..

    • Everyone in my group only has one duck house. Find a setup that works for you. Don’t worry too much about the missions.

  12. I am not sure what fertile field produce is used for, as I can not sale it? Do I need other equipment to process them? Thank you for any help!

  13. I have too many houses and not enough workers. It seems like a vicious circle trying to get enough workers to upgrade the farm and not having too many houses so as to have room to add new things. Any suggestions?

  14. I need a little help. I have so many boxes of fertile corn, flowers, cabbage, etc. How can I use them on my farm??

    • Light green = on currently. Dark green = been on today. Yellow = not been on in 48 hours. Orange = not been on in a week. Red = not been active in over a week

  15. Does anyone know if there is a penalty for failed projects? Is it better to cancel them if you know they will not be completed in time or does it make a difference?

  16. Ok ya’ll…I’m trying to figure put how the co-op works. What does it mean when the co-op says not to harvest them and to hold them instead? Are they meaning not to sell at Market? And leave them in the barn?

    • Holding means don’t harvest it – that’s when it counts for the co-op. Once it’s in the barn it doesn’t count toward a project and you are free to sell it at the Market.

  17. Just started a co-op, was tired of starting projects just to have the leader shut them off. Wanted a co-op that likes suggestion from its players and understands that we have real jobs. Come join out co-op Gettin-in-Done, thanks BNBFamily!

  18. I bought the Wellspring of Charity but it doesn’t appear anywhere. I have space for it and in the inventory it says that I have it. Not sure what to do

  19. Is there a minimum amount of players in order for the team to compete in Co-op Tournaments? We had 25 but a few turned RED/inactive.
    It seems like our team is not getting on the Search Co-op list. Is there a trick to it?
    If there’s anyone looking for a team, please check us out at OrwellsAnimalFarm

  20. We need a new bartender on the island!!! Too slow. Is there no way to produce faster ? Im level 32 and maybe get enough to fulfill 4 contracts a day. Anyone have a stratagy?

    • They just sent a message out about this. Did you see it? Click on the gear symbol at the bottom of your screen and then click on the news tab.

  21. Hi anyone knows how to get conch shell? I bought the upgrade so I can get 2 conch every time I catch a fish, but when I’m fishing I never get the conch

    • In order to get pretzels you have to grow the purple beats… after you grow the beats you collect them from your field and you take them to the mill… at the Mill you produce beat Feed and after that you give the feed to any of the animals that accept it such as the chickens the pigs and so on… after you feed them the beat Feed they produce pretzels

  22. How do you use Island Fertilizer? I have 210 in storage be it will not allow me to use it as you do on your main farm…

  23. Hey Michael, about the only other place to get blueprints is from rare material chests that you buy with tournament coins. Drop rate is pretty low though.

  24. I’ve just found out i have picked up strange oil (it looks like a purple oil can) but i don’t know where i got it. Any ideas please?


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