Best World Gen Settings for Dwarf Fortress


Dwarf Fortress is an amazing fantasy colony simulator where you will have to control a small expedition of dwarves. In order to start your first playthrough, you will need to generate a world. There are many different settings and parameters that you can customize and today we are going to talk about them. This guide will tell you about the best world gen settings for Dwarf Fortress.

What Are the Best World Gen Settings in Dwarf Fortress?

If you try to create a new world in Dwarf Fortress you will have to deal with world gen settings. These are special parameters that allow you to customize various things in your new world. So, you may want to know how they work and what settings are the best.

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Easy World

The first setup we are going to talk about can be called an easy world. You won’t encounter many dangers there and this feature allows you to focus on creating a successful fortress. Here are the settings:

  • World Size – Medium
  • Number of Civilizations – Medium
  • History Length – 100
  • Number of Beasts – Low
  • Natural Savagery – Low
  • Maximum Number of Sites – Medium
  • Mineral Resources – Everywhere

Quick Start

This setup allows you to generate a new world really fast. So, you will be able to begin your playthrough just in a few minutes. Here are the settings:

  • World Size – Small
  • Number of Civilizations – Low
  • History Length – 50
  • Number of Beasts – Low/Medium
  • Natural Savagery – Low/Medium
  • Maximum Number of Sites – Medium
  • Mineral Resources – Everywhere

Big World

The final setup is for those who want to generate a huge world filled with various locations and creatures. However, it may take some time to generate such a world. Here are the settings:

  • World Size – Medium/Large
  • Number of Civilizations – Medium/High
  • History Length – 250
  • Number of Beasts – Medium/High
  • Natural Savagery – Medium/High
  • Maximum Number of Sites – High
  • Mineral Resources – Frequent

As you can see, there are many different parameters that you can use to generate the world of your dream. Also, this game has other cool features and here you can read our guide on how to attract more migrants to your fortress. Good luck with your further journey!

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Best World Gen Settings for Dwarf Fortress


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