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Best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons Listed

Best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons Listed

Minecraft Dungeons is an incredibly fun action RPG available for most gaming platforms. In the game, you have to explore mysterious dungeons filled with various enemies. The game is made in the familiar block style of Minecraft. However, now you can find and use a huge number of Weapons. And in this guide, we will tell you about the list of the best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons.

Best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons Listed

Minecraft Dungeons has a huge number of different activities. Players can create unique characters to suit their play style. For example, you can tank in the vanguard, deal damage from afar, or support your allies. But one way or another, you need a powerful Weapon, because there are many different strong enemies in the dungeons. And below, we’ve put together a list of Weapons from strongest to weakest.

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Best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

SSoul Fists, Gauntlets, Great Hammer, Double Axe, Heartstealer, Whirlwind, Hammer of Gravity, Fighter’s Bindings
AGlaive, Pickaxe, Spear, Sword, Claymore, Katana, Truthseeker, Whispering Spear, Frost Scythe, Maulers, Eternal Knife, Broadsword, Diamond Sword
BFangs of Frost, Soul Scythe, Mace, Cutlass, Daggers, Axe, Soul Knife, Venom Glaive, Nameless Blade, Stormlander, Master’s Katana, Grave Bane, Jailor’s Scythe, Flail, Hawkbrand, Diamond Pickaxe
CHighland Axe, Sickles, The Last Laugh

Weapons from S-Tier are the best in the game. Using it you will be able to annihilate any enemies in your path. The A-Tier also has the best Weapon, but it is weaker than the S-Tier. B Tier has a good weapon that can be effective against certain enemies. Finally, C Tier contains the weakest Weapon in the game.

That’s all you need to know about the best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. Use our Tier List to use only the best weapons in the game. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to get the Baby Moobloom Pet in Minecraft Dungeons.

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Best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons Listed


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