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Best Ways to Make Money in Farming Simulator 22

Best Ways to Make Money in Farming Simulator 22
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Just like in real life, in Farming Simulator 22, you will spend your initial capital of $100,000 quite easily, especially with the prices of all the equipment you need to start your farm. Like every startup, you need to figure out ways to make your venture profitable and do it fast.

Luckily, this game offers plenty of ways to start making some cash—you just need to know where to look and what to spend your time and effort on. For that reason, we have created a guide that gives you the best ways to make money in Farming Simulator 22 fast.

Collect Everything

Exploration might not be your first association when someone mentions Farming Simulator 22, but it is one of the aspects of the game that can be as lucrative as it is fun. You can get a million dollars per map for collecting all the specific items without doing any farming.

Elmcreek map contains 100 variations of wooden toys where you earn $1,000 for every toy you find, with the bonus of $100,000 that you get for completing each set. The Haut-Beyleron map has 20 Game Cartridges, and the Erlengrat map has 12 Cheese Wheels. Finding all items may take some time, but it will also leave you with a considerably improved budget to invest in your farm.

Start With Some Chickens and/or Bees

Chickens are great to start with because they are not expensive and they will soon start to prove how smart this decision was. You will need to invest in a coop, buy enough roosters and hens, and work on their health by giving them the right food (for example, barley or wheat) and keeping them fed. Soon, you will start collecting your first eggs and selling them fast bringing in easy money each day.

Farming Simulator 22 stays true to real life also by showing you how important bees are. Not only do they pollinate your crops, making your farming efforts easier, but they also produce honey, which can be sold at pretty good rates. Beehives are required, but starting your honey production won’t be out of your initial budget. Once you set everything up, earning money from beekeeping is almost like passive income as they are quite low-maintenance.

How to Feed your Cows in Farming Simulator 22
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Choose the Right Crops

Growing different crops is the core of a farming simulator game, but it is not as easy as it may sound. Every decent farmer knows that you have to play it smart and pick the crops that offer a good balance between what you have to invest and the results and profit that you can expect.

Since you can choose between 16 different crops, we advise going with canola or potatoes, as they don’t require much effort, but you can also turn a profit easily with cotton or soybeans.

Make Use of Contracts

Contracts are a great way to get familiar with every aspect of gameplay in Farming Simulator 22 or to try different types of rented equipment before you purchase them for your farm. Even though you won’t earn a fortune by completing these side-quest-like activities, they can still be a good source of income, especially at first, when you have more free time left on your hands after completing all the chores on your small piece of land.


Yeah, we said it. You can go rogue and make use of Farming Simulator 22 cheats to get unlimited money. However, this will work only if you’re playing this game on your PC. Console players will have to play by the book and rely on one of the methods mentioned above.

Even though this particular method for getting money fast in Farming Simulator 22 may be controversial, it can be your last resort if you try everything else and become frustrated because of the high prices of all the equipment you need to build a successful farm.

There you have it—some of the best and easiest ways to make money in Farming Simulator 22. Let us know which one you prefer and don’t skip the latest updates on all confirmed elements coming to Farming Simulator 23.

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Best Ways to Make Money in Farming Simulator 22


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