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How to Farm Dust Sprites in Stardew Valley

How to Farm Dust Sprites in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a darker element to it beneath its charming surface. Dust Sprites are part of that.

Dust Sprites are tiny monsters found inside the Mines of Stardew Valley. On the northeast side of the map, you can see mountain peaks. You will find the entrance to the Mines at the foot of these mountains. This area can only be unlocked after the 5th day of Spring.

Dust Sprites Farming Guide

The Mines have a total of 120 floors. Dust Sprites are found between floors 41-79. You will rarely find them between floors 41-50. They are dark-colored and move quickly, making them difficult to catch.

Dust Sprites are common around floors 60-79. Use the elevator to switch between floors to find tons of Dust Sprites.

In Stardew Valley, you can defeat Dust Sprites more efficient by using several strategies. One common approach involves corralling the Dust Sprite into a corner or against a wall, where it is easier to land successful attacks without the creature darting around unpredictably. Once the Dust Sprite is in position, players can use various weapons, such as swords or slingshots, to attack it repeatedly and deplete its health.

What can you get from Dust Sprites in Stardew Valley?

Dust Sprites can drop a variety of different items in Stardew Valley. These creatures are usually farmed for their coal drops, but you can also get other valuable items. Here are the items you can get from Dust Sprites:

  • Coal (50%)
  •  Coffee Bean (1%)
  •  Crystal Fruit (2%)
  •  Dwarf Scroll II (0.5%)
  •  Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%)
  •  Frozen Tear (2%)
  •  Gold Bar (0.1%)

At the bottom, Dust Sprites can also drop:

  • Diamond (0.05%)
  •  Prismatic Shard (0.05%)

You can also kill 500 Dust Sprites to complete a Monster Eradication Goal and get Burgler’s Ring by completing the Monster Eradication Goals. With this ring equipped, you will get more drops from monsters.

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How to Farm Dust Sprites in Stardew Valley


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