Best Units in LEGO: Star Wars Battles

LEGO: Star Wars Battles is a mobile game inspired by Clash Royale. There you will need to protect your base and destroy the opponent by throwing a lot of units. The game is a part of the LEGO: Star Wars series and you will be able to play on both the light and dark sides. These have different units fighting for them and we are going to tell you about the best. This guide will explain to you the most essential units that you need to have in your roster in LEGO: Star Wars Battles.

Best Light Side Units in LEGO: Star Wars Battles

In the beginning, we are going to tell you about the most essential units for the light side in LEGO: Star Wars Battles. This list is not going to include legendary characters, as they are used in flexible positions and can be changed for something else. Here we are going to tell you only about those that can’t be replaced.

The first thing we are going to tell you is a tower you need to choose. The best tower in the game is Particle Beam which allows you to kill a tough single target within a moment. The next unit you should have on your roster is BB-8. This little droid allows you to stun a single target and make it totally useless and vulnerable. The third card we highly recommend to you is the Y-wing bomber which takes a unique place of a fast attacker against different structures. Finally, the last unit you should pay attention to is Booma Balls. These serve as your crowd control options as they are able to stun a huge amount of enemies.

Best Dark Side Units in LEGO: Star Wars Battles

The best units for the dark side in LEGO: Star Wars Battles are mostly the same. This side has Particle Beams as well. The dark replacements for BB-8 and Y-wing Bomber are BB-9E and TIE Bomber. All these units are needed for the same things as their light sight analogs. The only different unit of the dark side is the one with the crowd control option. It is called Seismic Charge and this card allows you to summon Boba Fett with his ship. He will throw a stunning bomb that will deal damage and stun opponents in a huge area.

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