Best Tips for Using Olivia in Free Fire


Free Fire is a popular free-to-play multiplayer shooter in which you will be able to participate in funny multiplayer matches, and the game has a huge roster of characters that have different skills. One of these characters is named Olivia and she seems to be a good support champion that you can use to heal your allies. However, if you want to use her effectively, you will need to combine her with other characters. So, this guide will tell you about Olivia and how to use her in Free Fire.

Olivia in Free Fire

There are many different characters with support abilities in Free Fire. One of them is named Olivia, and her ability is really useful when you play in a team. Olivia is able to restore some of her allies’ HP when she revives them. This skill allows you to get an advantage over your opponents and provide your allies with additional health points.

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How to Use Olivia in Free Fire

Olivia is a good support character that you can use in Free Fire. Her ability to restore additional health to knocked down allies is really useful. However, it will be useless if you play solo. So, if you want to use Olivia, you should cooperate with other players and create a team that combines powerful characters.

Olivia can be combined with characters like Kapella, who can boost the effect of healing items, and Notora, who is able to heal teammates when they drive any vehicle. Also, you should add a character with the ability to detect opponents. For example, you can bring Moco or Clu. The last character in your team should be someone with skills that allow this character to fight effectively. Laura is a good option because of her ability to increase accuracy when she scopes in.

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Best Tips for Using Olivia in Free Fire


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