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Best Tech Parts in Survivor.io

Best Tech Parts in Survivor.io

Tech parts, like gears, can raise a character’s HP and ATK and increase the potency of a skill. For example, the Quantum Polarizer tech part in the video game Survivor.io increases ATK and enhances the Soccer Ball skill by increasing the damage dealt by Soccer Ball. On this page, you can find a Survivor.io tech component tier list, which rates each tech component.

How to Upgrade Tech Parts

You can upgrade parts by combining the two tech components of the same grade. For instance, combining X2 tech parts of average quality will provide an X1 excellent tech component. You should choose the tech component you wish to improve and the two identical tech parts of the same grade on the equipment/merge screen.

Survivor.io Tech Parts Tier List

SAntimatter GeneratorIncreases ATK, Drill Shot: Drill Flight Speed Increases.
Quantum PolarizerIncreases ATK, Soccer Ball: Increases DMG dealt by Soccer Ball.
Phase ConverterIncreases ATK, Lightning Emitter; Bolt Count at all levels + 2.
AEnergy CollectorIncreases HP, Forcefield: Energy Compression(Range shrinks 25%, doubles DMG).
Exo-SkeletonIncreases HP, Guardian: Knockback distance doubled.
Gravity ControllerIncreases HP, Brick: Heavy like it (penetrates all enemies).
AnnihilatorIncreases ATK, Laser Launcher: Lasers slow down the enemies when they receive hits from it.
Hi-MaintainerIncreases HP, RPG/Rocket: Shot CD -0.5 seconds
Precision Device
Increases ATK, Drone: Homing(Missiles home in on enemies in range. Reduced firing rate).
BNanobotIncreases HP. Durian: Flight control; durian would not stray too far from you.
Energy DiffuserIncreases ATK, Molotov: Fire will spread.
CConductive Device

Increases HP, Boomerang: You can collect the boomerang to reset its CD

That’s all for our ‘Best Tech Parts in Survivor.io’ post. Make sure to check back on this page often, as future game updates might change our current rankings.

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Best Tech Parts in Survivor.io


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