Best Support Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom


There is a lot that has already been talked about regarding the DPS, or the tank role cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and not enough about the Support Cookies available.

This is why we would like to discuss the best support cookies available in Cookie Run: Kingdom so that you can have an easier time knowing what to use and how to better enable your offensive cookies on the field.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

While also supporting the team through his insane healing prowess—being able to instantly heal the entire party for a minimum of 100% of his attack stat—he also provides a shield to the entire team that adds up to 20% of the specific target cookies’ HP.

Pomegranate Cookie

You may know Pomegranate Cookie as a poor healer or a lackluster damage dealer, but did you know that she provides a gigantic 20% attack buff to every cookie in the party, including herself? That’s reason enough to use her as support!

Mint Choco Cookie

Unlike other cookies’ attack speed buffs, Mint Choco Cookie’s team-wide attack speed buff does actually have a substantial effect. Mint Choco Cookie will also heal your team faster, while making them attack faster, and also fires at the enemy himself for decent damage!

Detective Almond Cookie

An offense-oriented Support Cookie that actually has a decent attack stat! His unique skill ties several foes to one enemy who has the lowest max HP in the group. If the single enemy everyone else is tied to takes damage, a large portion of that damage gets dealt to everyone who is chained to the enemy. Pretty sick!

Fig Cookie

While there is nothing much to praise about their offense, their AoE attack applies a fat 20% attack reduction on whatever it touches. Bring them into PvE if you are particularly scared of certain powerful monsters.

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Best Support Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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