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Best Summer 2023 Cosmetics in TF2

Best Summer 2023 Cosmetics in TF2
Image by Valve

Team Fortress 2 summer update is here, and it includes so many amazing items and cosmetics that I was in real pain while I was deciding which ones to put on my top list for this article. And the amazing thing is that most of the items I hoped for in the new update actually made it!

Therefore, if you’re looking for new taunts, war paints, headwear, and more in Team Fortress 2, you are in for a treat. You might also experience some sweet torment on the go because there are just so many amazing items to choose from. To make everything at least a tiny bit easier for you, we compiled a list of the best summer 2023 cosmetics in TF2. Let’s dive in!

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The Best Summer 2023 Cosmetics in Team Fortress 2

Choosing which items to put on this list of the best summer 2023 cosmetics in Team Fortress 2 was not easy. The final selection might differ from your favorite items, and we would love to hear your opinions in the comments. At the same time, we tried to make a good balance between the hottest new taunts, effects, gear, etc., so that this article serves you as a good starting point for exploring everything that this TF2 update brings.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the best summer 2023 cosmetics in Team Fortress 2.

The Killer Signature

Class: Scout

Item Slot: Taunt

This is the taunt for those moments when your Scout’s kill just feels like a work of art or when you need your enemies to know that you’re so good that you should be on a baseball card

The Killer Signature taunt in TF2
Image by XB33

Star Spangled Strategy

Class: Soldier

Item Slot: Taunt

Listen up, maggots. We’ve got an entire team to kill! Use it after killing your opponents, for comedic purposes, or just for provoking those noobs playing against you.

Star Spangled Strategy in TF2
Image by hXX

Pacific Peacemaker (War Paint)

As you go around shooting enemies left and right, this war paint will help you stay grounded by summoning the atmosphere of the Pacific islands, a gentle sea breeze, and warm sands beneath your toes. You gotta counteract all that bloodshed somehow.

Pacific Peacemaker in TF2
Image by Overlord Lettuce

Sakura Smoke Bomb (Unusual Effect)

Class: Demoman, Engineer, Heavy, Medic, Pyro, Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Spy

Bringing you a dash of Japanese spring, this unusual effect will help you feel super kawaii as you bring destruction to your enemies.

Sakura Smoke Bomb in TF2
Image by The_Gl!tch.exe

Unusual Effect: Global Clusters

Great minds think about great things, and that can’t be more obvious with this unusual effect that will display gorgeous nebulas and celestial bodies around your head as you move through the battlefield.

Global Clusters unusual effect in TF2
Image by bamboo

Close Quarters Cover – Style: Caution (Paint Bandana)

Class: Soldier

Item Slot: Headgear

Who needs eyesight when you have a head bandana this cool, right? While totally impractical, this piece of headgear will give you swag points for every shot you may miss—you know, because you can’t see a single thing.

Close Quarters Cover in TF2
Image by Big Bob

The Flame Warrior

Class: Pyro

Item Slot: Headgear, Mysc.

If you choose Pyro, you can’t skip this one. This outfit screams badass, so it had to be included in our list, and it will make you instantly recognizable on any map.

The Flame Warrior in TF2
Image by Spike Nitro

The Soho Sleuth

Class: Pyro

Item Slot: Misc.

Pyros are on a roll in this update, and we couldn’t skip this Sherlock Holmes-inspired piece which just pairs so well with the gas mask!

The Soho Sleuth in TF2
Image by Pie_Savvy


Class: Medic

Item Slot: Misc

Now, that’s one snazzy medic! Why wouldn’t you look as dapper as they come while healing the wounded?

Uber-Wear in TF2
Image by JPRAS

There’s much more where these items came from. Go explore the full selection, and let us know which favorites of yours ended up on our list.

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Best Summer 2023 Cosmetics in TF2