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Best Sub-Jobs in Octopath Traveler 2

Best Sub-Jobs in Octopath Traveler 2

For Octopath Traveler 2 the 8 characters players choose from have their own unique skills and abilities. They have a main class, such as Warrior or Merchant, but can select a secondary role to buff their skills. The Sub-Job should fit well with their existing class for it to make a real difference to the game.

We will show you here which are the best Sub-Jobs in Octopath Traveler 2.

Assigning Sub-Jobs in Octopath Traveler 2

Each character’s role includes unique skills and attributes which make them perfect for specific Sub-Jobs. Pick the right Sub-Job for each of your characters and make your team as strong as they can possible be!

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CharacterPrimary AbilitiesPath ActionTalentLatent PowerBest Sub-Job
Hikari – WarriorSword and Spear attacksMatch and Bribe: can battle locals during the day. At night he can bribe people for information.Learned Tricks: learns opponent’s techniques after defeating them.Shadow Power: high damage attacks that do not consume SP.Hunter: buffs weapon choice, increases attack.
Agnea – DancerGrants allies buffs and bonusesTemptation and Beg: brings townsfolk along her journey, or can beg for offerings.Session: uses dance moves in a battle to grant bonuses to any townfolk she has tempted along.All Together: shares her power with the rest of the group.Scholar: turns what was a support class character into one with more powerful attacks with greater damage.
Partito – MerchantCommands allies and donates BP to help in battles.Purchase and Hire: uses charm to get items from people. Can hire help from folk for money.Business Partners: hired folk can help outside of battles by getting free items, or discounts in shops. Hoot and Holler: instantly refills party member’s BP.Thief: adds swords and daggers along with Dark Magic. this makes them stronger in combat.
Osvald – ScholarHas powerful magic and uses elemental weaknesses against the enemy.Scrutinize and Mug: can attempt to get information from people but risks lowering his reputation even more. Can also steal from people after battling them.Study Foe: can instantly identify an enemy’s weaknessConcentrate Spells: spells can attack multiple enemies, a full power gauge can focus immense power on one enemy.Merchant: good for spells, buffs SP and gives ability to regain HP and SP.
Throné – ThiefUses stealth and deception.Steal and Ambush: can pickpocket folk and gain valuable items. Can also knock people unconscious at a high level, allowing her to move even if someone is blocking her way.Blessing of Darkness : raises all attack levels of the whole group.Leave No Trace: can act twice in one turn. This can mean the chance to attack then heal, or attack twice!Apothecary: gives Throné the ability to solo heal in addition to status cures etc.
Temenos – ClericUses the strength of others for his advantage.Guide and Coerce: guides or summons allies around the battlefield. Can force information out of people in battle by breaking their shield to zero.Moonlight Judgement: lowers enemy accuracy and defence by blinding them during a night battle.Judgement: at full power, he can lower an enemy shield points.Dancer: adds to existing team heals with team buffs, plus the use of daggers in combat.
Ochette – HunterCan hunt, and uses animals in battles.Provoke and Befriend: can provoke townsfolk with animals and starts a battle. She can also make friends with townsfolk at night and then summon them in battle.Capture and Prepare: can capture monsters in battle by weakening them, and then summon them in battle or turn them into useful items.Animal Instincts: when her gauge is full she will unleash a beast within her and gain new skills and attacks with no SP cost.Thief: adds more weaponry options plus debuff abilities.
Castti – ApothecaryHas an inquisitive nature and useful apothecary skills.Inquire and Soothe: can ask folk for information, and can soothe the sick.Concoct: produces medicines and items to help the party or hinder the foe. Every Drop Counts: at a full gauge, items can be produced without using up anything in the inventory.Scholar: good for single-target damage and more flexibility in the team.

Those are our recommendations for the best Sub-Jobs in Octopath Traveler 2. Let us know if you agree! See more in our Octopath Traveler 2 guide section.

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Best Sub-Jobs in Octopath Traveler 2


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