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Best Stolen Realm Builds for Each Class (2023)

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this guide with you.

While Stolen Realm doesn’t have a strict class system like other RPGs, creating a hero with a clear-cut role is still pretty important. Specialization will not only result in better synergy with other characters, but it’ll also save players the headache of having to mix and match abilities from the game’s many skill trees.

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Creating a mixed class is part of Stolen Realm’s fun but doing so can be a bit confusing, especially for new players with low-level heroes. Instead, here are builds for each of the five preset character classes, including some suggestions on hybridization for the later parts of the game.

Best Stolen Realm Warrior Build – Heal Tank

Stolen Realm - warrior skills
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

Warriors can be built into self-sufficient heal tanks that can recover health while destroying enemies by themselves at the same time. This build can take off as early as Level 5, and it’ll only get better once players get more points into their characters.

Take the following skills in the Warrior tree (in order):

  • Double Edge
  • Warmonger I
  • Cleave
  • Charge
  • Life Cleave
  • Furious George
  • Blood Drinker
  • Warrior’s Boon
  • Slam
  • Executioner
  • Sunder

This Warrior build is designed for face-tanking bosses and groups alike. Use either a two-hander or dual-wielded melee weapons to maximize damage output. By Level 6, players should be able to get all skills in this list up to Blood Drinker. The rest of the abilities will become usable only after reaching Level 13.

Split attribute point priorities between Vitality and Might. This will make sure that the Warrior has enough health and armor to make use of their lifesteal and self-heal abilities.

This setup also serves as a good foundation for other Stolen Realm builds that revolve around soloing content. Consider branching out to the Shadow skill tree for more lifesteal and other fun effects like stat leech and damage reflection.

Best Stolen Realm Ranger Build – Longshot Marksman

Stolen Realm - low level ranger skills
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

The Ranger class preset serves as an excellent foundation for builds that use either bows or summoned animals. For this guide, we’ll focus on dealing big, long-ranged damage with crits and passive modifiers. Get the following skills while leveling up a Ranger:

  • Tracker’s Mark
  • Eagle Eye
  • Stalker’s Mark
  • Precision I
  • Patient Hunter
  • Long Shot
  • Quick Hands
  • Sniper Shot
  • Quick Draw
  • Marked Prey
  • Mythic Reach

This build works best when the Ranger is standing on a buffed hex tile, preferably one that increases either critical hit chance or raw damage. The farther a target is, the harder Sniper Shot will hit. Feel free to swap this out for Called Shot if hit chances become problematic.

Put points into Dexterity to increase critical hit rate and damage. Feel free to get some extra points into Might as well for stronger attacks outside of crits.

Later on, consider branching out to the Lightning skill tree for the Stormbringer passive, which gives a nice bump to crit rate. Then, get the Shroud, Death Dealer, and Ambush skills from the Thief tree for even more percentage-based damage boosts.

Best Wizard Build – Stormcaller

Stolen Realm - skills for a low-level lightning wizard
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

Wizards focus on providing either damage or support to a team, and they lean heavily toward magic-focused Stolen Realm builds. The Lightning skill tree leans a little more towards the former, and players who spec their points into these abilities will find themselves wiping entire maps in a just couple of turns or less. Here’s what to take:

  • Dazzling Darts
  • Stormbringer I
  • Twister
  • Gathering Storm
  • Chain Lightning
  • Thunderbolt
  • Overload
  • Heavy Rains
  • Thunder Storm

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Chain Lightning, Thunderbolt, Twister, and Thunder Storm are all great against groups of enemies, but their high mana costs mean they aren’t as efficient against single targets—this is where Dazzling Darts comes in.

Stack as much Intelligence from items and levels to make sure the Wizard doesn’t run out of juice during a quest. However, this should only really be a problem in higher difficulties or when adventuring with a small party.

As mentioned in the previous build, the Lightning, Ranger, and Thief skill trees have some nice synergies for crit-based builds. Consider taking Precision and Death Dealer to maximize the damage output of Lightning spells.

Alternatively, players can spec into the other magic trees and grab support-oriented abilities instead. However, when building a character for the game’s hardest of difficulties, we recommend committing to either offense or defense only. Let party members cover for each other’s weaknesses instead of having one character cover all bases.

Best Stolen Realm Thief Build – Blightbringer

Stolen Realm - thief skill tree
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

Thieves get access to Poison skills very early in the game, and their ability to stack this status effect to a single target only gets better once they get more skill points. This is a simple but effective build that’s versatile enough to fit a variety of playstyles and party compositions.

  • Dagger Throw
  • Poison Weapon
  • Poisoned Dagger
  • Shroud
  • Fight Dirty
  • Steal Action
  • Hidden Blade

Players can get this Thief to build going as soon as they hit Level 5. Every turn, they’ll be able to apply a minimum of two Poison stacks to a target with just their basic attacks and three if Poison Weapon is active.

The start of a battle is where the Thief is particularly lethal thanks to the Shroud and Hidden Blade skills, which essentially guarantee a free crit. Take Hide in Shadows instead of Shroud for more consistency throughout a fight.

By Level 7, take Contaminated Wound to make Poison stacks last longer. Skill points earned in the future can be spent according to player preference, though we recommend taking Deathblow for assassinating high-priority targets.

Focus on increasing Dexterity for its bonuses to crit damage and always wield two weapons to double the amount of Poison stacks inflicted with every basic attack. Akimbo pistols are a great overall damage option, especially when standing inside a buff aura.  

Best Stolen Realm Monk Build – Assassin

Stolen Realm - low-level monk skills
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

The Monk skill tree offers a lot of options for jack-of-all-trades characters and shines brighter when paired with abilities from other trees. However, this doesn’t mean that a pure Monk build is useless. The following set of skills is designed for isolating priority targets before pummeling them to bits with a single, strong attack.

  • Front Kick
  • Momentum I
  • Force Kick
  • Incapacitate
  • Dashing Strikes
  • Weapon of Choice
  • Power Strikes
  • Strength
  • Many Sided Strike

Use either Force Kick to displace an enemy or Power Strikes to get rid of weak targets surrounding a priority target. Then, when there are no other enemies within two hexes, hit them with Many Sided Strike for massive damage.

Any melee weapon will work for this build, though its reliance on position means that the Monk is better off acting once everyone else in the party is done with their turns. Also, consider starting a battle away from enemies to make the most out of the bonus that Momentum provides.

Like in most damage-oriented builds, stack both Might and Dexterity to improve damage output. However, since this is a melee build, consider adding points into Vitality and Reflex for better survivability.

As mentioned, the Monk skill tree is highly versatile, which means this build can be combined with any of the other skill trees and still be successful. Still, we suggest using either the Warrior, Thief, or Ranger trees so as not to mess up itemization and attribute point distribution.

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