Best Starting Words for Fortle


With Wordle, a popular word-guessing game, still getting a fair amount of attention, it should hardly be surprising that Fortnite has cooked up its own variation of the game. Fortle is simple enough—it’s played almost exactly like Wordle in that the player is tasked with guessing a five letter word with six possible attempts per day.

The big twist is that the word in question will always be related to Fortnite! With that in mind, let’s take a look at some starting words that will help improve your odds of guessing the daily Fortle word.

What Makes a Good Starting Word

Since Fortle is similar to Wordle in that it will show you which letters from your guesses are actually in the word, the key to picking a starting word is to eliminate common letters. The vowels are obvious choices here, so picking a word with at least 2 or 3 vowels is pretty much never a bad play.

As far as consonants go, R, T, N, S and L are the most common overall in English, so these make good letters to include. Conversely, V, X, Z, J and Q are quite a bit rarer than your average letter, so you might want to avoid those on your first guess unless you’re feeling lucky.

The Best Fortle Starting Words

It’s hard to say what’s objectively the best starting word without having the full list of possible words on hand, but here are a few Fortnite-related words that have at least 4 of the common letters listed above:

  • Alien
  • Forts
  • Laser
  • Rifle
  • Stone
  • Snipe
  • Traps

So What’s the Best Starting Word in Fortle?

Again, it’s difficult to pick out a single best word, but “Alien” is a pretty safe bet, considering that it has three common vowels and two common consonants. That said, any of the words in the list above should help you narrow down at least a couple letters with your first guess!

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Best Starting Words for Fortle


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