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Best Star Trek Fleet Command Discord Servers

Best Star Trek Fleet Command Discord Servers
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Star Trek Fleet Command is a mobile strategy game perfect for Star Trek fans and 4X gamers, by Digit Games Studio. Players explore space, build and upgrade their own ships, mine resources and battle other players. It is also possible to join alliances and connect with others in private chats.

A great way to keep up to date with news, current bugs, and connect with other players is to join a Discord server. These are full of like-minded players who are ready and willing to help with whatever Star Trek Fleet Command needs or questions you may have. We have all the best Star Trek Fleet Command Discord servers below for you to check out.

Star Trek Fleet Command Discord Servers

Here is a list of the best Star Trek Fleet Command Discord servers we have found that contain thousands of potential alliance friends, help with quests, news and bug explanations. Players also chat about general topics and, of course, favorite Star Trek series’. Each Discord server below includes a link to a server invite and all available chat channels within the server.

Star Trek Fleet Command

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  • Star Trek Fleet Command Unofficial Discord Server: General, Strategy, Alliances, Coordinates, Media, Quests and Tips, Suggestions, Bots, Apply for Alliance. Plus voice channels Bridge, Engineering, Sickbay, Laboratory, Airlock, Evasive Maneuvers.
  • The Academy: STFC Announcements, Commands, Academy Announcements, Road Map, Support The Academy, Q&A Answers, Quarks Bar, Away Teams, Battle Logs, Crews, Sphere Data, Bug Reports, Mitigation, Burning, Hull Breach, Morale, Speed.
  • Official Star Trek Fleet Command Discord Server: Official Announcements, Game Announcements, FAQs, Contacting Support, Event Information, Galaxy Chat, Event Chat, Players Helping Players, event Tips and Spoilers, General Feedback, Events Feedback, Incursions Feedback, Suggestions, Bug Reporting, Streams and Videos, Memes, Server Discord Links, Guides and Infographs, Fan Art, Other Geek Fandoms, Game Features Information.

The 3 Discord servers above have all the information you need for Star Trek Fleet Command, and to chat with hundreds of other players. It is a good idea to join more than one to make sure you get all the relevant information, all the hints and tips you need, and to join the right alliance.

For more information on Star Trek Fleet Alliance, visit our guide section.

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Best Star Trek Fleet Command Discord Servers


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