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Best Sims 4 Reshade Presets (2023)

Transform your world through color.

The Sims 4 has long been known as a game that lets its modding community flourish. In addition to custom content and script mods that alter the gameplay, mod creators have also found a way to change up the colors and shading style of the game.

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Reshade presets change the color design of the game by tweaking the hue, saturation, and contrast levels. Your visual experience when playing the game is beautifully transformed through them, so we’ve compiled the best Sims 4 reshade presets for you to choose from.

Brownsugar by Elaina

Image via Elaina

The greens in the game look a lot more realistic, yet still vibrant, with this reshade preset. This is perfect if you have the Cottage Living expansion pack, or if you just like having lots of natural and green elements in the world. This also fixes the tendency of the game to make deeper skin tones look a bit dull and gray, as the Brownsugar reshade preset makes deeper skin tones pop.

Eventide by Palakoslip

Image via Palakoslip

You know how your surroundings look absolutely stunning during the golden hour just right before sunset? This reshade preset, Eventide by Palakoslip, realistically captures that perfect lighting through color. It overlays a gorgeous splash of soft golden hour light on your game.

Bojana Reshade by Bojana Sims

Image via Bojana Sims

This reshade preset completely overhauls the colors in the game. It has a lot of pink undertones, and may be best for those who love taking screenshots of their builds and home designs. What’s great about this reshade preset as well is that its creator goes into full detail on how to any install reshade preset 3.0.8 in general through the same Patreon post where you can download it.

Lunar Reshade by simancholy

Image via simancholy

Unlike the reshade presets mentioned above that were made using the Reshade 3.0.8, Lunar Reshade is more updated with 4.9.1. It has toggle keys in which you can turn the cinematic blur on and off, or make it more pronounced to make your screenshots truly stand out. This reshade preset does not alter the game’s original colors too much, but simply enhances them up a whole notch.

Clear POP! by amoebae

Image via amoebae

If you prefer a reshade preset with brighter and bolder colors but do not like oversaturated oranges and haziness, “Clear POP!” is the perfect one for you to download. The colors are very similar to the environment in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so if you love that kind of look, this one easily takes the top spot in your list of the best reshade presets in The Sims 4. This works with any reshade preset version 4 and onwards.

Rosemary by aillian

Image via aillian

Transform your world in The Sims 4 into an ethereal wonderland with Rosemary, a reshade preset that makes the colors in the game vibrant yet softer. It was made with Reshade version 5.0.0, so make sure you have it first before downloading.

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Autumn Kisses by Lustrousims

Image via Lustrousims

If you’re on the lookout for a dreamy reshade preset but you prefer the colors in your game to be understated, Autumn Kisses is the best pick. Made with Reshade version 4.9.1, the tweaking of the colors in this reshade preset makes your sims look like they’re still living in the classic elegance of the great 1950s.

Eleanora by Talentedtrait

Image via Talentedtrait

The colors during the summer season are simply the best. The surroundings look bright and feel fresh, and the sunlight hits just right. This reshade preset by Talentedtrait captures this perfectly, so if you want to make the colors of the summer season last all year long for your sims, this is the best choice. This reshade was created using version 4.9.1, so have it downloaded beforehand.

Guarana by Magalhaessims

Image via Magalhaessims

A reshade preset that gives your game a warmer atmosphere, Guarana adds a subtle hint of sepia to the colors of the game. We imagine this is the most beautiful reshade preset you can download if you play the Island Living expansion pack often, or if you just simply love to have a tropical vibe in the different worlds of The Sims 4. It’s a version 4.7.0 preset that works great in CAS, Build Mode, and Live Mode, which makes it one of the best reshades for the game.

Oatmeal Recipe by Sojuteatime

Image via Sojuteatime

If you’re not a fan of how bright, saturated, and game-y the colors in the original game looks like, or if your eyes are just sensitive to brightness, then you should download Oatmeal Recipe. It provides you vibrancy while still making the game look more realistic. It is made with Reshade 4.7 but still works with Reshade 3.08, making it a more versatile choice.

That’s it for our curated list of the best Sims 4 reshade presets, narrowed down to the best of the best. No matter your preference, any of these will be a delight to download to your game.

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Best Sims 4 Reshade Presets (2023)


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