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Best Shot Types for Each Distance in EA Sports PGA Tour

Best Shot Types for Each Distance in EA Sports PGA Tour
Image via EA Tiburon

Do you want to step up your game and play like Jon Ram or Justin Thomas? Thanks to the gameplay innovations in the new EA Sports PGA Tour game, now you can—at least, virtually. In previous games, you could only choose a different club depending on the challenge, but now you can have more control and strategize more efficiently with 20 different shot types in four distinct categories—eight available from the start and 12 more to learn as your career progresses.

If it sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry—we give you our straightforward overview of the best shot types for each distance in EA Sports PGA Tour.

EA Sports PGA Tour swing
Image via EA Tiburon

The Best Driving Shot Type in EA Sports PGA Tour

Reserved only for the tee box, driving shots in EA Sports PGA Tour come in three variations:

  • Drive
  • Power Drive
  • Stinger

While each type has its benefits, our favorite is the Power Drive shot as it gives an extra kick and provides for better distances due to a more powerful swing. However, you should be aware that using this shot has a somewhat larger shot dispersion compared to others. Still, we cannot emphasize enough how useful the Stinger is in windy conditions as it keeps the ball under the wind but still packs a punch.

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The Best Approach Shot Type in EA Sports PGA Tour

Approach Shot types in EA Sports PGA Tour give you more variety and can be used in different conditions, so your best bet is to try to unlock them all. You can choose between these six options:

  • Approach
  • Power Approach
  • Punch
  • Knock Down
  • Finesse
  • Hack

Even though they all have their uses, we are opting for Finesse as the best Approach Shot type for its versatility. While it doesn’t have as much power as most of its counterparts from this group, Finesse can be used for a wider distance variety. Still, it is best for distances that are between clubs on normal approach or in cases when you’re too close to the green and an approach won’t work, but you still can’t use short game shots.

The Best Short Game Shot Type in EA Sports PGA Tour

When the green is in sight, you will want to pull out one of these short game shots:

  • Pitch
  • Runner
  • Spinner
  • Flop
  • Long Flop
  • High Flop
  • Blast
  • Pick

Among all of these options, the type that performed best for us was Flop. This shot type comes as a long swing that sends the ball quite high in the air, but its winning aspect is that the ball stops almost immediately as it touches the ground, giving you more control overall. Just make sure that you don’t underswing it.

The Best Putting Shot Type in EA Sports PGA Tour

For your endgame moves (that can also be used interchangeably with other short-game shots), you have three options:

  • Putt
  • Chip
  • Texas Wedge

The title of the best Putting Shot type in EA Sports PGA Tour in our opinion goes to Chip. This shot will get the ball in the air and have it rolling quickly. If you combine it with a 60 Wedge or 7 Iron, it can be a great, easy-to-control finishing move.

No matter which one of these moves you prefer, make use of the Skills Trainer to master them—as we stated before, all of them have their value, and understanding how and when to use each will make a real difference in making you feel like a pro in EA Sports PGA Tour.

Let us know what your favorite shot types are in the comments. If you’re looking for golf games to play on your Nintendo Switch, don’t skip our Best Nintendo Switch Golf Games guide here on TouchTapPlay!

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Best Shot Types for Each Distance in EA Sports PGA Tour


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