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Best Punch Sequence in Roblox Boxing Beta

Check out our guide to find out what punch, block, and dodge sequences are best to use in Roblox Boxing Beta

Face tough opponents in the ring and become a champion boxer in Roblox Boxing Beta! Train, gain strength and skill, and join your friends to see who will win a boxing match and earn some cash. This may seem like a simple bash-button fighting game but there are moves and punch sequences you can use to get the upper hand during a fight. Let’s explore the best punch sequences in Roblox Boxing Beta.

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All Moves in Roblox Boxing Beta

The basic moves in Roblox Boxing Beta are Punch, Block, Dodge Left, Dodge Right, and Dodge Back. There is also a special move (Power Punch) you can use once the ring icon has filled up. You can fill it by dealing damage to an opponent or punch bag. This move causes a lot more damage than a regular punch but uses a lot of Stamina. At the top of the screen there are two long bars indicating your Health (Green) and Stamina (Blue) levels, and a smaller one showing your Block level.

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There are a few combinations of moves that will help get you through a Roblox Boxing Beta match without losing too much stamina or losing all you health. Keep en eye on your opponent’s stamina levels as you will want to time your Power Punch to make it most effective. Here are the combos we recommend using to practice and get ready for high level matches:

  • Punch + Dodge needs to be used sparingly so you don’t deplete your stamina too fast but is useful at the points when your opponent is attacking;
  • Punch + Block should be your main move. It keeps damage building but protects you between hits;
  • Punch + Dodge Back will give you more space between you and your opponent to give you time to recover. Use it sparingly like the Punch + Dodge combo;
  • Power Punch throw this one when the opponent’s Block level or Stamina is at 5 or below to deal the most damage.
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The key to winning matches it to practice the timing of each punch and block, or punch and dodge. The more you practice, the more natural it will feel to go from one to the other. Make sure that when you are entering matches you are going against players at a similar level to you to give you the best chance at a good fight. Keep moving, use dodges sparingly, and get that Power Punch in at the right time and you will start winning regularly in Roblox Boxing Beta.

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Best Punch Sequence in Roblox Boxing Beta