Best Pokémon To Use For 7 Star Charizard Tera Raid – Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Guide


Throughout December, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet will host its second Tera Raid event battle, featuring Charizard! Make no mistake, this Charizard is super special, and it packs quite the punch, so you’ll need a solid strategy to take it down. Today, we’ll talk about the best Pokémon to use for 7-star Charizard Tera Raid in our Pokémon Scarlet & Violet guide!

Top Pokémon Picks for 7-Star Charizard Tera Raid

The special 7-star Charizard Tera Raid event battle will be available during the following periods:

  • December 1 – 4
  • December 15 – 18

During these times, special Tera Raid black crystals will spawn throughout Paldea. These crystals are crackling with energy, letting you know that whatever is inside isn’t a pushover. All special event Tera Raids will utilize these crystals in the future.

You can see the lightning bouncing off of it!

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For the December Tera Raid event battle, Trainers will go up against Charizard with Dragon as its Tera type, making it quite the formidable foe. Charizard cannot be encountered naturally in the Paldea region, so this is your chance for an amazing catch… assuming you can conquer it!

Charizard is normally a Fire and Flying type, but this Charizard will be Terastallized as Dragon type. While it will still unleash powerful Fire attacks, Trainers must beware of Tera Charizard’s mighty Dragon moves.

Though we don’t know exactly what moves this Charizard will be packing, a lot of Trainers are already discussing Azumarill being one of the best picks for this battle. As a Water and Fairy type, Azumarill is completely immune to Dragon moves and takes less damage from Fire moves.

On top of this, Azumarill can learn Belly Drum, which cuts its own HP in half to max out its attack boost. Couple this with Azumarill’s signature ability, Huge Power, which doubles its attack stat, Azumarill becomes an absolute beast with physical attacks.

The second most popular pick is the Fairy type Dachsbun, thanks to its signature ability, Well-Baked Body, which makes it immune to Fire moves while powering up its defense.

Theoretically, the only thing you’d have to watch out for when using Dachsbun are Steel type moves, such as Iron Tail or Metal Claw. Although, Dachsbun has naturally high defense, so it may be able to tank through the attacks.

So far, those are the two Pokémon that are most discussed when it comes to planning for the 7-star Charizard Tera Raid. Do you have any other ideas of what Pokémon might be good for this battle? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best Pokémon To Use For 7 Star Charizard Tera Raid – Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Guide


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