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Best Place to Buy Minecraft Marshmallow Peeps for Halloween

Best Place to Buy Minecraft Marshmallow Peeps for Halloween

Halloween is the time for spooky treats, and these hilarious Minecraft marshmallow peeps are perfect for the occasion! Peeps are a candy line featuring soft marshmallow treats with slightly crunchy exteriors. If you’re a candy and Minecraft fan, you’re probably excited about this collaboration. Today, we’ll show you where the best place to buy Minecraft marshmallow peeps for Halloween, but we have to warn you that this is more of a trick than a treat!

Can you Buy Minecraft Marshmallow Peeps for Halloween?

If you’ve been scouring the internet for Minecraft-themed treats, there’s no doubt you came across these Peeps that are shaped like Creepers. While we’re just as excited about the Creeps as you are, it turns out that the Minecraft marshmallow peeps are actually just one big trick, so you can’t actually buy them!

Back in April 2012, when online retailer ThinkGeek was still around, they’ve loved creating wacky products just for April Fools. The trick products were usually themed around whatever game, anime, or show that was popular at the time.

For April Fools 2012, which is around the time Minecraft really started to gain traction, they decided to “invent” the Creeps, marshmallow candy treats shaped like Creepers from Minecraft that had the same crystal sugar exterior like regular Peeps.

Steve is ready to try a Creep.

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This trick actually turned out to be way more popular than ThinkGeek was expecting, as many fans were eager to purchase them. When ThinkGeek revealed it to be a joke, many people were pretty disappointed, us included.

Thankfully, a lot of creative fans stepped up to the challenge and attempted to recreate the Creeps. One successful attempt came from Say Not Sweet Anne, a website full of fun DIY projects, including crafts, cooking, and beauty. They posted their full recipe and instructions on how to make the Creeps, so check it out if you’re interested!

We know it’s a little disappointing that the Creeps aren’t a real thing, but look on the bright side—you’ve got a fun Halloween recipe to try out! We’re sure there are other fan recipes floating around for the Creeps, so if you find any other great recipes, let us know in the comments below!

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Best Place to Buy Minecraft Marshmallow Peeps for Halloween


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