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Best Paladin Build For PvP – Lost Ark Guide

Best Paladin Build For PvP – Lost Ark Guide
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On this page, we will talk about the best Paladin PvP build in Lost Ark. Everything that you need to know from stat distribution to skill point allocation and playstyle is right here. Keep reading!

About The Build

When we discuss what is the “best” build, it stands to reason that many individuals will have varying points of view. Having said that, in the next sections of this guide, we are going to examine the build that the Paladins that are currently at the top of the ladder utilize. Should you so want, you are free to modify this build in order to better suit your playstyle.


As a Paladin in PvP, your role is going to be that of a soft tank support. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have any damage of course. Your primary role is to provide assist to your teammates by casting shields and locking down the enemy team with your CC skills.

As a paladin, you should exercise extreme caution since you do not possess Super Armors or Mobility. Before you or your squad enters in combat, be sure to use both of your defensive buffs. Also, peel for your teammates, paying particular attention to those who have a cooldown on their get up ability.

Stats Skills Tripods

When it comes to the Paladin’s Stats, there are a few options. The way PVP works means that we always get 750 Swiftness and 1 Crit. After that, it’s up to you, really. You can either spec for Endurance if you want to be more of a tank or, Domination if you want to dish out more damage.

  • 249 Endurance or 249 Domination

Below you can find the skill points distribution as well as the recommended effects for each skill.

Charge (Lv10)

  • Effects: Swift Fingers / Shining Protection / Ambush Attack

Holy Protection (Lv10)

  • Effects: Swift Fingers / Robust Protection / Vow of Light

Executor’s Sword (Lv4)

  • Effect: Forward Attack

Wrath of God (Lv10)

  • Effects: Wide Thunderstroke / Thunder / Light’s Guardian

Execution of Justice (Lv10)

  • Effects: Bulwark / Strength Release / Light Explosion

Holy Sword (Lv10)

  • Effects: Propulsion / Vital Point Hit / Condensed Energy

Heavenly Blessings (Lv10)

  • Effects: Agile Cast / Perseverance / Heavenly Requiem

Awakening – Alithane’s Judgement

That’s all for our Best Paladin Build For PvP – Lost Ark guide. If you are enjoying this game, check out some other related posts such as:

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Best Paladin Build For PvP – Lost Ark Guide


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