Best NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy – Ranked List


The epic RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy, is full of amazing characters to meet. Many of these NPCs are there to help you progress through the story, give you quests, and so much more. NPCs can fight you, teach skills, or become your companion. The list below will show all NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy, and let you know all the best NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy – ranked list!

All NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy Ranked

Here we have ranked all NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy from best to worst. The first 5 are our top picks, while the list below are the rest you can meet while playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Professor Eleazar Fig – Magical Theory

Your character’s mentor in Hogwarts Legacy and a most endearing and loyal man. He has a great backstory that many players are drawn to.

Professor Fig (via Hogwarts Legacy)

Sebastian Sallow

Sebastian is a really intriguing and loveable character. All this Slytherin student wants is to cure his sister of her curse, and has some quests for you to help him with.

Sebastian Sallow (via Hogwarts Legacy)

Victor Rookwood

Rookwood is the leader of the Dark Wizards and a powerful enemy. There is no doubt that the game would not be as exciting if it was not for Victor Rookwood…

Victor Rookwood (via Hogwarts Legacy)

Ranrok the Goblin

This magic-obsessed goblin has aligned himself with the Dark Wizards, but he is considered a fearsome foe alone. His main aim is to destroy the world of wizards and witches as we know it!

Ranrok the Goblin (via Hogwarts Legacy)

Professor Matilda Weasley – Transfiguration

Red hair? Compassionate and kind? She must be a Weasley! This ancestor of some other famous red-haired wizards and witches we know, is wise and helpful. She is guaranteed to become a favourite professor of yours.

Professor Weasley (via Hogwarts Legacy)

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Poppy SweetingStudent
Amit ThakkarStudent
Natsai OnaiStudent
Everett CloptonStudent
Zenobia NokeStudent
Nellie OggspireStudent
Lucan BrattlebyStudent
Lenora EverleighStudent
Leander PrewettStudent
Samantha DaleStudent
Garreth WeasleyStudent
Cressida BlumeStudent
Arthur PlummlyStudent
Adelaide OakesStudent
Imelda ReyesStudent
Ominis GauntStudent
Mahendra PehlwaanStudent
Phineas Nigellus BlackHeadmaster
Aesop SharpProfessor of Potions
Mirabel GarlickProfessor of Herbology
Abraham RonenProfessor of Charms
Dinah HecatProfessor of Defence Against the Dark Arts
Mudiwa OnaiProfessor of Divination
Satyavati ShahProfessor of Astronomy
Cuthbert BinnsProfessor of History of Magic
Bai HowinProfessor of Beasts
Chiyo KogawaFlying Instructor
Gladwin MoonCaretaker
Gerbold OllivanderWand Seller
Arbie WeekesBroom Seller
Parry PippinsPotion and Ingredient Seller
Timothy TeasdalePlant Seeds Seller
Augustus HillClothier
Nora TreadwellArchaeologist
Sirona RyanOwner of the Three Broomsticks Pub
Percival RackhamLeader of the Keeper
Niamh FitzgeraldThe Keeper
Charles RookwoodThe Keeper
San BakerThe Keeper
Ruth SingerOfficer
Agnes ScribnerLibrarian
George OsricMinistry of Magic
Sorting HatMagical Hat
Richard JackdawGhost
Noreen BlaineyHospital matron

Those are all of the NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy including our top 5 characters you meet in the game! For more information, check out our Hogwarts Legacy section! Good luck.

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Best NPCs in Hogwarts Legacy – Ranked List


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