Best Moves for Typhlosion in Pokémon Go


Pokémon GO was a smash hit when it first came out, breaking all sorts of concurrent player records for the Pokémon franchise all over the world!

As is with every Pokémon game, players are tasked with searching for Pokémon to capture and collect, using them to battle other Pokémon, be it against the AI or against other players. The difference with Pokémon GO is that it utilizes the player’s phone GPS to find and capture Pokémon!

The game has been expanding its roster since its humble release with the original 151 Pokémon all the way to modern times. Pokémon got so popular that the original roster kept expanding till we got to eight whole generations of Pokémon!

Today we will be talking about one of the Johto releases, Typhlosion, and how best to play it.


Typhlosion is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in the Gen-2 games of Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. It is one of the three starter Pokémon of the second generation and a strong choice for players in Pokémon GO as well.

It evolves from Quilava with 100 candies, which evolves from Cyndaquil with 25 candies. Being a Fire-type Pokémon, Typhlosion is very strong against Grass-type and Bug-type Pokémon but in turn, takes 2x damage from Water-type, Rock-type, and Ground-type moves.

To counter this, players will need a moveset that will utilize Typhlosion’s strengths while covering its weaknesses as well.

Best Typhlosion Moveset

The best moveset for Typhlosion would be any combination of the following:

  • Incinerate – Strong fire move, replacement for Ember.
  • Shadow Claw – Uses high attack to counter Psychic-type and Ghost-type Pokémon.
  • Blast Burn – Unique move, strongest in its arsenal.
  • Overheat – Stronger than Fire Blast, recommended because of the Fire-type STAB.
  • Solar Beam – Strongest counter to Water-type and Ground-type Pokemon.

The only Pokémon that Typhlosion players need to watch out for is Swampert. This beast of a Pokémon counters everything that Typhlosion does. Its Water-Ground typing gives it plenty of moves to wreck Typhlosion with, which is why players need to play around this accordingly.

Is this everything you were looking for? Let us know! As always, we will keep you updated if there are any changes in Pokémon GO!

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Best Moves for Typhlosion in Pokémon Go


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