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Best Mage Builds for Roblox Arcane Odyssey – Guide

Best Mage Builds for Roblox Arcane Odyssey – Guide
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Roblox Arcane Odyssey has different stats builds that create the type of fighter your character will be. If the character has full (over 60%) Magic stats they are considered a Mage. This stats build also determines what Awakening the fighter will gain. For a Mage, the first Awakening is Mage’s Wisdom and another Magic slot, and their second is a third Magic slot. These slots will be the build for the Mage, and different combos are stronger than others.

Here we will show you the best Mage builds for Roblox Arcane Odyssey all in this guide!

Mage Builds in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

Combining specific Magic attacks in your build can make you very powerful in a fight, especially against bosses. Players choose their base Magic when creating their character, picking 1 Magic out of the 20 available. Each Magic has different effects and are best when combined with another type once you unlock another build slot. We have some of the best builds recommended if you want to be a powerful Mage in Roblox Arcane Odyssey.

Roblox Arcane Odyssey Gameplay (via Roblox)

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Magic 1Magic 2Description
Explosion MagicPlasma MagicThese 2 Magics combined create a petrified spell effect, freezing the opponent momentarily while causing great damage. The stun may be temporary and short but it is enough time to blast another spell at them, causing further damage.
Fire MagicMagma MagicThis perfect pair work so well together as the damage interactions are a perfect match. Fire adds an extra 25% damage if the opponent is melting and corroding, and as Magma hits the opponent with the melting effect, this can be devastating!
Ash MagicAcid MagicWhen Ash magic is used against petrified targets, the Acid magic creates 40% more damage, making this combo pretty deadly.
Ice or Water MagicLightning MagicLighting adds more damage if the opponent is soaked or frozen. There will be 50% more damage when Lightning is used against frozen enemies, and 25% more against soaked opponents!

Those are our Mage Magic build recommendations, but you may have your own preferred combos. Let us know in the comments what builds you have seen or tried. Find more Roblox Arcane Odyssey guides in our dedicated section.

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Best Mage Builds for Roblox Arcane Odyssey – Guide


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