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Best Lethal Company Mods to Use in 2024

Best Lethal Company Mods to Use in 2024
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Looking for some of the best Lethal Company mods to use in 2024? You are at the right place as in this guide; we share a myriad of mods ranging from expanding lobby and party size to adjusting FOV and adding new monsters. 

Best Lethal Company Mods to Use in 2024

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These are some of the best Lethal Company mods you should use this year. 

Multiplayer Mods

The multiplayer mods allow players to alter the size of the party and the total capacity of a hosted run. 


BiggerLobby is a lobby expansion mod for Lethal Company that expands the size up to 40 players. 


The LateCompany mod allows players to bring in more friends by expanding the party size from four to eight. 


LateCompany is one of the must-have mods you must be using this year in Lethal Company, as it allows you to add players even after a run has begun. 


ShipLobby is an alternative to LateCompany that we added to this list because many players have reported that LateCompany creates latency-related issues and other such things, whereas ShipLobby works fine. 

Difficulty Mods 

The difficulty-related mods are best for players seeking challenge and wanting to increase and control the game’s difficulty for a more demanding experience. 


The GameMaster mod gives you access to a mod menu and command list that you can use to alter the game as per your requirements. 

Brutal Company Plus

Brutual Company Plus is a mod that allows players to create a customizable hardcore experience where players can randomize events ranging between insanity and normal.


The Skinwalkers are a new type of enemy you can add to Lethal Company using this mod. These monsters are not only lethal but also have learned how to mimic the voices of their friends.


Similar to Skinwalkers, you can use the Mimics mod to add Mimics to the game—a new type of enemy who can devour you in one go. 

Quality of Life Mods

The quality of life mods for Lethal Company is something that you must try as they improve the experience a lot and make the game a little easier and fun to play. 

FOV Adjust

As the name suggests, you can use the FOV Adjust mod for Lethal Company to adjust the field of view manually. 


Using this mod, you can add a mini-map to the game that shows necessary details like resource locations, your party members’ locations, and other such information. 

More Emotes

You can use the More Emotes mod to add extra emotes to the existing list in Lethal Company.

That concludes our guide on the best Lethal Company mods to use in 2024. While you are here, check out the 15 best games, like Lethal Company, that you might be missing out on.

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Best Lethal Company Mods to Use in 2024