The 2021 holiday season is finally here. Black Friday is a few weeks away. And there is a little more than one month left before Christmas and New Year. Now is the right time to gift yourself or your loved ones holiday gifts.    

For the Genshin Impact enthusiasts, what could be better than a few Genshin Impact official and fan-made/3rd party merchandise?

We have prepared a handy guide that lists some of the best Genshin Impact holiday gifts that you can buy for yourself or your close ones. Also, don’t worry. While preparing the list, we have kept the budget and product ranges in mind. 

With that said, let us check the Genshin Impact holiday gifts. 

6Genshin Impact Slime Plush Set

Image Via Amazon

The Genshin Impact Slime Plush set is one of the best, if not the best, gifts for people who love decorating their bedroom or gaming room with Genshin Impact merchandise. 

It is soft, fluffy, and perfect for comforting your tired body. Oh, also, did we mention, these will comfort your eyes too? Well, the Genshin Impact Slime Plush is an adorable and affordable piece of merchandise that you can gift yourself or someone else.

5Genshin Impact 3D Lamps 

Image Via Amazon

Genshin Impact 3D Lamps are simple yet great decorative merchandise that you can place anywhere you like. 

If we have to recommend, the Genshin Impact 3D Lamps go well with a PC setup, all thanks to the RGBs. You can place the lamp near your monitor, CPU, or other places that would help you increase the overall aesthetics of your setup. 

4Klee Action Figure

Image Via Amazon

While the Ninngguang, Mona, and Ganyu’s action figure from team Apex is the best piece of Genshin Impact merchandise when it comes to action figures—the Klee and Paimon action figure are more affordable ones, and they are always in stock. 

If waiting four to six months is fine. Then we highly recommend buying/gifting the Genshin Impact Apex figures from Sugo Toys or any other website. 

The Klee action figure is best for players who love Klee’s character in-game. Klee is a little she-devil who is always up to something. Her action figure is highly detailed, and you can definitely gift it to yourself or others. 

3The Keqingboard 

Image Via miHoYo

The Keqingboard is one of our personal favorites. In this entire list, if you are a PC gamer and a Genshin Impact enthusiast, we highly recommend you to go for the Keqingboard. 

It is an official Genshin Impact Keqing-themed mechanical keyboard with 45g Linear mechanical keys. Its gaming variant is priced at 229.99 USD. Making it an affordable Genshin Impact-themed mechanical keyboard. 

2The Hilichurl Slippers 

Image Via miHoYo

There’s nothing better than giving someone a pair of adorable Hilichurl Slippers in this winter season. 

Its sole is made of thermoplastic rubber, and it comes in different sizes. The furry texture with Hilichurlian design makes the wearing experience even better. 

1Genshin Impact Airpods Pro Case 

Image Via miHoYo

The Genshin Impact Airpods Pro case is yet another official merchandise from miHoYo that caught our eyes because of its overall aesthetics and use. 

If you or someone close to you is an owner of Airpods Pro, then the Genshin Impact Airpods Pro case is a fine gift for you and your loved ones. 

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS.

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