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Best Goblin Delivery Deck in Clash Royale

Best Goblin Delivery Deck in Clash Royale
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Look up in the sky! Is it a plane? A bird? No, wait, it’s a flying goblin! Clash Royale‘s latest challenge event is here, and this time it is all about delivering some aggressive goblins straight to your opponent’s front door, all thanks to the Mortar Evolution card. Looking to conquer this event? We have the best Goblin Delivery deck right here in our Clash Royale guide.

The best deck for the Goblin Delivery challenge in Clash Royale

Let’s get right to it—here is the deck that most of the Clash Royale community agrees upon to be the best for the Goblin Delivery event:

  • Mortar (Evolution)
  • Earthquake
  • The Log
  • Ice Spirit
  • Hog Rider
  • Goblins
  • Musketeer
  • Mighty Miner

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The overall strategy with this deck is to play defensively. The star of the show, the Mortar Evolution card, should usually be placed defensively. Your opponents will most likely do the same, so use the Earthquake spell to take their Mortars out easily.

Image via Supercell

Use The Log to clear out lanes that your opponent is trying to push down, and use Goblins and Musketeers for small swarms. Your main pusher should be your Hog Rider, as his swift movement speed can get him to attack key towers.

If your opponent manages to break through your initial defenses, the Ice Spirit is a good fallback tool to freeze enemies in their tracks, while the rest of your units clean up the area. Ice Spirit is also great for cycling since it costs only 1 Elixir.

Once you are able to get your Might Miner out, you should support him with Hog Riders, Musketeers, and Goblins. Of course, you want to keep your Mortar up as well to continue the barrage on your opponents. Once you have enough momentum, this deck should get you through this event.

The Goblin Delivery event lasts until July 23, with the challenge version lasting until July 24. Do you have a different deck you prefer for the Goblin Delivery event? Let us know what cards you use in the comments below!

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Best Goblin Delivery Deck in Clash Royale