Best Food to Use to Breed Villagers


Breeding villagers in Minecraft can be a complicated endeavour that quite a number of players have stated that it’s not straightforward in the least. They tend to have a hidden “willingness” stat that dictates whether or not they want to breed, and this can be increased by given them certain foods.

So in this article we’ll be guiding you on the best food items that you can use to breed villagers in Minecraft.

Best Food to Use to Breed Villagers



Although it’s not the most exotic or exciting food in the game, bread is reliable and is easy to make. Players can create bread using only wheat, so you’ll need a pretty large wheat farm in order to make bread, lots of it. You only need few seeds to grow them and you can get the seeds by destroying grass blocks.

Once utilized, bread can restore up to 5 hunger points and 6 saturation points in the game. It’s simply a great food to stock up in the game’s early stages. So if you’re looking for the best food for breeding villagers, bread is one of them. Players only need 3 pieces of bread for breeding.



These are one of the more common food in Minecraft and can be easily found in village farm plots. In order to breed villagers with carrots, you’ll need 12 of them to induce breeding. Carrots can also be traded to the village farmer in exchange for emeralds.

Moreover, you can also use carrots to breed and attract pigs or rabbits. You can also craft Golden Carrots using 8 gold nuggets and a single carrot, which will give you 14.4 saturation points, the highest in Minecraft. Lastly, fusing a carrot using a fishing rod creates a “carrot on a stick”, which is an item that’s used to control saddled pigs.



Potatoes can be easily planted, consumed raw or cooked using a furnace or campfire, which lets you make baked potatoes. Similar to carrots, potatoes are yet another food item that can be used to breed villages in Minecraft. You’ll need 12 potatoes to trigger the breeding effect.

Potatoes are a pretty common spawn on villager farms as well, which fastens the villagers breeding process. Also, easily follow and can be bred by a player carrying a potato.



Apart from being a dye ingredient, Beetroot can also be used to breed villagers in Minecraft. However, that can be hard to find on a villager’s farm plot, with only a 10% spawn chance compared to potato and carrots that have 20% spawn chance. Players will have to give villagers 12 beetroots in order to induce breeding.

You can also choose to trade 15 beetroots for a single emerald. Beetroots can be used to breed pigs and like potatoes, pigs will follow a player that’s holding beetroot. You can craft six beetroots into beetroot soup which helps to restore six times the hunger and saturation of one single beetroot.

These are the best foods that we recommend for use in breeding villagers in Minecraft. There are tons of other foods as well that give many benefits but the aforementioned will go a long way for you.

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Best Food to Use to Breed Villagers


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