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Best extraction shooters to play on mobile in 2024 (iOS and Android)

Best extraction shooters to play on mobile in 2024 (iOS and Android)
Image by Level Infinite
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Hey, shooter, are you looking for the top adrenaline-fueled mobile gaming experience? Look no further than these top extraction-based shooters for 2024.

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Get ready for non-stop action as you blast your way through intense levels and fight to make it out alive. With these games, it’s all about getting in, shooting stuff, and getting out. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – these games will keep you on the edge of your seat and coming back for more.

Discover the ultimate extraction shooters that are taking the market by storm. Our list includes only the top-rated options that genuinely stand out from the rest. Take advantage of the best of the best – read on to find out what sets them apart.

What is an Extraction Shooter?

Extraction shooter” is a genre that takes inspiration from battle royale games. In this type of game, the objective is to storm a level, gather as much as possible, and then make a quick escape. The gameplay revolves around swift action and strategic planning, making it a thrilling experience for gamers.

An extraction shooter is a variant of the battle royale genre with a unique approach to combat. Unlike conventional battle royale games, where you are spawned with dozens of other players and engage in multiple skirmishes across a colossal map, this game mode is slower-paced. This means that quick thinking is paramount to success, as fights happen less frequently but are more intense and require thoughtful strategy to win.

Best mobile extraction shooters to play in 2024

It can be challenging to choose where to begin when there are so many fervent communities rooting for their favorite games within the genre. Whether you’re a beginner trying to determine which games will be the most enjoyable or a seasoned player seeking a new start and a change of scenery, this Extraction Shooters list will help guide you.

TIP: At present, there is only one mobile game of this kind available on the market – Arena Breakout. However, we can assure you that several upcoming projects, including Escape from Tarkov, are currently in development and expected to be released by 2024. We will keep a close eye on all rumors, pre-orders, beta versions, and other updates related to these games and keep you informed.

Arena Breakout: Realistic FPS mobile

Arena Breakout
Image by Level Infinite

It’s important to note that Arena Breakout is a mobile first-person extraction shooter published by Level Infinite, which is part of Tencent Games and developed by Morefun Studios.

In case you missed it, we have already provided some guides for the game in our dedicated articles.

In Arena Breakout, your objective is to enter a raid, eliminate hostile forces, and make off with as much loot as possible. The game is a hardcore extraction shooter, which means that you must carefully plan your gear loadout and decide how long you want to stay in the raid, as well as determine your objective and if you wish to go in stealthily or engage in full-on combat.

HINT: You have two options when joining a raid – you can either enter as a tactical ops member or as a covert ops militant.

How to get more storage in Arena Breakout
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

In the game, valuable items can be obtained by looting other players or militants or through chests and storage items like jackets, medical cases, and fridges. After each run, you can use multiple extraction points marked on the map to get back into the main menu with all your acquired gear. You’ll have to organize your storage to fit all the new loot, and the game offers an auto-organizing feature that groups items into categories.

Arena Breakout: Realistic FPS mobile
Image via Level Infinite

Arena Breakout is the best extraction shooter experience that we’ve come across for mobile players so far. The game boasts outstanding graphics and content that offer hours of gameplay. The progression system and gear/gunsmith complexity are at a point where even casual FPS players can quickly get used to them. There are a few minor issues that can be bothersome, but we are confident that the developers will address them in the near future.

Arena Breakout: Realistic FPSArena Breakout
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Is the mobile app for Escape from Tarkov going to be released soon?

Is the mobile app for Escape from Tarkov going to be released soon?
Image via Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov has been a game-changer among advanced FPS enthusiasts. It has managed to captivate the attention of gamers from different walks of life, making it a noteworthy addition to the PC gaming industry. This hardcore FPS title has set a new standard in the gaming world, bringing together players from all corners of the globe.

We have some thrilling news that’s bound to excite all Escape from Tarkov fans out there! The renowned “NoiceGuy Tarkov” YouTube channel has just made a groundbreaking discovery.

Video via NoiceGuy Tarkov YouTube channel

They’ve uncovered the fact that the developers at Battlestate Games are currently working on an API for the game, which could lead to the creation of an incredible mobile app. NoiceGuy Tarkov even got a chance to speak to the lead developer, Nikita, who confirmed that the app would allow players to access game statistics, characteristics, and other vital information. With this latest development, the possibilities for Escape from Tarkov are genuinely endless!

TIP: On the official site, you can apply for the Beta version of the game, and you can follow this link.

Screenshot by Touch, Tap, Play

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FPS extraction games are among the most popular among gamers on the entire network, while games for mobile devices are growing in popularity every day, and everyone is aware of that.

The question remains, though: When will mobile FPS applications take over the dominance of classic desktop games, and in what way? Don’t worry because we are here to monitor the development of the situation on the “battlefield” and to convey any future information to you.

If you have a list of your best Extraction Shooters games, why don’t you share it with this community? Leave your comment below.

For more Escape From Tarkov articles, be sure to check out our dedicated section or take a look at some of our FPS Guides & Tutorials.

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Best extraction shooters to play on mobile in 2024 (iOS and Android)


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