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Best Decks in Cards and Castles 2

Best Decks in Cards and Castles 2
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Cards and Castles 2 is, as the name suggests, a deck builder. You start as a Viking warlord with a basic set of cards and build up your decks until you have a formidable force on your hands. But what are the best decks in Cards and Castles 2?

We’ll attempt to answer that question in this article. Why “attempt”? Because, ultimately, every player will have a setup that fits their playstyle the best. And I’m not going to lie—I enjoy playing with the starter decks! But if you’re an experienced player, you’ll probably see those decks as hot garbage. Still, that’s the beauty of deck builders: Everyone gets to have their favorites!

Before we jump into some of the most effective decks in Cards and Castles 2, you might want to check out our piece on a much more famous game: how to build a deck in Magic the Gathering Arena.

How I picked the best decks in Cards and Castles 2

Deck builds in Cards and Castles 2
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You probably already know that there’s no such thing as “the ultimate deck.” Every setup has a counter, and every deck can be overpowered by another one. Of course, some decks in Cards and Castles 2 (free on Steam—go grab it now if you haven’t already!) will be more efficient than others. But talking about the best decks is an ungrateful job.

That’s why I used one important filter for my choice of Cars and Castles 2 decks: Which decks can you build as a relatively new player. Why? If you’re already well-versed in the game, you probably have all the experience and resources to create a successful build of your own. But if you’re only starting out, you need a good beginner’s setup to win battles!

In other words, I created a list of decks that can maximize early success and minimize the frustration. Let’s see what those decks are!


Bulky, tough, and dangerous, Dynos represent a fairly straightforward deck. There’s plenty of health on the board to keep your cards in play for longer, and there are dedicated damage dealers to put the pressure on the enemy. Plus, you’ll have access to some basic Dinos from the start.

The Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus will represent the backbone of your setup. In terms of damage output, you’ll need Triceraptos, Tyrannosaurus, and/or Pterodactyl. Either of the three will do the job, but the more, the merrier. For essential backup, consider Valkyrie, Lightning Bolt, Dino Nest, and Master of Arms.

Fire Aggro

The idea behind Fire Aggro is simple: Deal a ton of damage early on and wrap up with prolonged burn damage. Your key cards here will be Ronin, Spellsurge Adept, and Killer Monkey. If you start with those in your hand, victory will be almost guaranteed. Plus, an early buff will go a long way or, more precisely, make the battle shorter!

Besides the bare-bones setup, you’ll want to include cards like Leatherbound Books, Shadow Drake, and Yaarhym Lightning. These will ramp up both the damage and the aggro. Throw in an Elusive like the Hawk to reach the enemy’s castle more easily, and you’ll have a powerful deck that will certainly cause a lot of trouble to the opposing side.


If you’re wondering how to overwhelm your enemy in the fastest way possible, the answer is simple: You fill the board with cards! The summons from the Tomb deck will allow you to do just that. Items like Spectral Rider, Grave Knight, Wyvern Rider, and Raise Dead will be the foundation of your Tomb build.

But you don’t want to produce heaps of cannon fodder and leave your hand empty. That’s why this build should include cards like Skeletal Squire for synergy with the summons. Get Freya in there, and you’ll turn those summons into Berserks. Finally, include Screams of the Fallen to make the deck nearly OP.


I’ve mentioned Aggro decks earlier, and chances are you’re familiar with them, too. These days, you can’t seem to enter a battle without going against this deck type. If this troubles you as much as it does me, then the Ramp deck can prove a great counter to Aggro.

Green Drake will be an absolute must-have for this deck. You’ll also want either Favor or Merchant’s Estate for the earliest ramp possible. However, note that the former is a one-time use only, while the latter ramps every turn! Additionally, Southport Slayer and Vaskrheim Warrior will make your entire deck more energy-efficient. Throw in Freya or Sea Witch, and you’ll become a battle menace!

Lords of War

A beginner’s deck in this selection? That sounds insane! But, I told you I like using those starter packs from time to time, and Lords of War is as good as any. You’ll have this deck ready for action early on, and it can win at least some battles. For an early game build, it’s not half as bad, and you can make good use of it until you build up a more efficient deck.

What you’ll want in your Lords of War deck is a solid damage dealer. Choose Brynjolf or Berserker, and you’ll have a starting point. With the addition of Yaarhym Titan or Northwood Bear, you’ll also gain some powerful defense options. Get some Salahan Riders in there for extra chaos or a Lightning Bolt for direct damage, and you’ll have a fighting chance.

This concludes our article on the best decks in Cards and Castles 2. Find more gaming tips in our Game Guides section and don’t forget to tell us about your favorite builds in the comments!

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Best Decks in Cards and Castles 2