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Best Classes in Ravenswatch

Best Classes in Ravenswatch
Image via Passtech Games
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Ravenswatch takes inspiration from timeless folk tales and legends to create an immersive action RPG experience featuring reimagined characters like the Pied Piper, Aladdin, and more. The band of heroes have to protect Reverie from invading Nightmares. Each hero class boasts a unique set of abilities, enabling players to strategize and fight their way through increasingly challenging levels.

As you progress, you’ll unlock new abilities and face tougher bosses, but don’t be discouraged by multiple deaths – they’re an integral part of the game. Choosing the right hero class will be crucial to making progress in Ravenswatch.

What are the Best Classes in Ravenswatch

Ravenswatch has a wide variety of characters, and each one of them have their pros and cons. By playing the game, you will unlock new characters who will help you make faster progress. As the game is still in early access phase, developers may release more characters down the line. For now, these are the best characters in Ravenswatch:

#1 – Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood/Demon Hunter hybrid)

Image via Passtech Games

Scarlet is a formidable character in Ravenswatch, thanks to her unique ability to assume two distinct forms. By day, she appears as a skilled human fighter, wielding daggers with deadly precision to take down her foes. But when night falls, Scarlet undergoes a transformation into a ferocious werewolf, boasting a devastating pouncing attack with a wide area of effect to decimate hordes of enemies.

Along with her formidable physical prowess, Scarlet boasts a powerful set of skills that amplify her damage output and provide much-needed regeneration. These abilities make her one of the most versatile and powerful characters in Ravenswatch, capable of taking on any challenge that comes her way.

#2 – The Pied Piper (Necromancer/Rat summoner)

Image via Passtech Games

At first mention of the Necromancer class, one might expect Pied Piper to call forth an army of wicked skeletons. However, there’s a unique twist to this character’s abilities. Rather than summoning the undead, Pied Piper instead brings forth an army of rats to aid him in the fight against Nightmares. With the ability to summon up to 20 rats at once, these furry allies can become quite formidable with the right upgrades. As a player controlling the Pied Piper, you can sit back at a safe distance and let your loyal rats swarm and devour enemies.

#3 – Beowulf (Barbarian)

Image via Passtech Games

Beowulf embodies the classic archetype of a barbarian warrior, relying on brute strength and fierce melee attacks to vanquish his foes. Armed with a massive sword and a sturdy shield, he charges headfirst into battle, deflecting blows and dealing punishing strikes. For players who favor the thrill of up-close combat in dungeon crawlers, Beowulf is a natural choice.

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Best Classes in Ravenswatch


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