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The Best Class to Play in Darkness Saga | Tips & Guide

The Best Class to Play in Darkness Saga | Tips & Guide
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Darkness Saga is an action MMORPG featuring four different main classes. Whether you like to sling fireballs or arrows from afar, or get up close and personal with your foes, Darkness Saga has something for everyone, so here are the best classes to play in Darkness Saga.

The Best Classes to Play in Darkness Saga

Before we begin, let’s get this out of the way right now: Every class is Darkness Saga is good, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind because you picked a bad class.

While each class specializes in a different form of attack, at the end of the day, they can all decimate their foes using the right skills, so there’s no need to find out which class is the “best”.

Instead, you should pick a class based on your personal play style. The Sorcerer and Demon Hunter attack foes from far ranges, while the Divine Warrior and Soul-Slaying Officer prefer to attack their foes head on. We’ll give you the details about each class, so by the end of this guide, you’ll be able to pick your own!

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Divine Warrior

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The Divine Warrior is a holy warrior that fights with a great sword. As a hybrid human and elf, they possess not only the raw strength of humans, but also the magical affinity of elves.

Divine Warriors can cut their foes down with enhanced sword techniques, and they can also use holy magic to rejuvenate and buff the team. If you like playing as magic swordsmen and charging into the front lines, the Divine Warrior is for you!

Soul-Slaying Officer

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Soul-Slaying Officers wield shadow-infused scythes into battle, allowing them to mow down groups of enemies. Possessing strong single-target and AoE skills, Soul-Slaying Officers can deal crazy amounts of burst damage by unleashing their high-damaging skills.

Soul-Slaying Officers deal lots of damage, but they’re not as durable as Divine Warriors, so they have to be careful while on the front lines. If you want a melee assassin that does a lot of burst damage, the Soul-Slaying Officer is for you.


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The Sorcerer is our first ranged class, and she douses her foes with a barrage of elemental abilities. She is best suited for taking care of large hordes of enemies thanks to her tremendous AoE attacks.

The Sorcerer is very squishy, and as such, she must make a conscious effort to keep away from immediate danger. To help her out, she can learn a variety of utility spells that can shield her, slow down enemies, and more. Unleash the fury of the elements as the Sorcerer while staying safe in the back lines!

Demon Hunter

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The Demon Hunter can rain arrows upon his foes from afar. Similar to the Sorcerer, he has multiple AoE skills at his disposal to dish out lots of area damage. His cooldowns are fast enough to supply a steady stream of consistent damage.

Also similar to the Sorcere, the Demon Hunter is a fairly squishy and can’t withstand too many attacks. He can learn shield skills and a skill that roots enemies in place. If you like to shower your foes with a barrage of attacks, the Demon Hunter is for you.

There you have it, the best classes to play in Darkness Saga, which includes all of them! If we’re being honest, all four classes have an equal spread of attack types, so it’s pretty much impossible to go wrong. We hope we helped you pick a class, and if you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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The Best Class to Play in Darkness Saga | Tips & Guide