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image via Habby is a thrilling roguelike, bullet hell game where you get to slay hordes of undead and other creatures that are after you. Due to the challenging nature of the game, it’s easy to be frustrated and call it quits. But that’s why game hacks exist. Here are some cheats designed to make the game easier.

Use Codes
Image via Habby has some codes that can be used to redeem freebies like gems, coins, army keys, and so on. They do not remain active for a long time, so better use them right after you acquire them. Here’s a list of active codes you can use right now. Each code is used to redeem certain freebies, and all of them are different from one another. That said, we’ll leave it to the players to decide what code they’d want to use for the game.

Get Free Army Crates
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Like other games, grants players a free Army Crate every 24 hours. These crates contain normal or good equipment that can help players fight against the creatures chasing after them. To get these Army Crates, players should head to the shop and look for the supply crate section. A crate is rewarded after watching the video ad displayed in the section. Players should keep in mind that only one Army Crate is available per day, and these should be collected on a daily basis to maximize its benefits.

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Use Mods
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The community has created a lot of mods for, allowing players to tweak the game as they please. For example, some mods give players an endless supply of premium in-game currency called gems. Some mods even boost XP so that it’s easier to level up. Whatever the mod, it’s sure to make the game easier.

Here are some mods we recommend for

Unlimited Money/Gems mod

As its name implies, this mod gives you an unlimited supply of money you can use to buy equipment and upgrade them. It also unlocks all premium features, levels, and removes those annoying ads so you can revel in destroying the colorful undead running toward you.

Defense and XP Boost mod

This mod is an absolute cheat. It buffs your defense so you can take more hits, boosts the XP you gain from every kill, gives you unlimited ammo so you can shoot your favorite weapon without worrying that you’d run out in the middle of a game, and removes reloading so that you can fire away to your heart’s content. Perfect for trigger-happy players.

Immortal mod

As its name suggests, was designed as a game that will test your survival skills against hordes of chunky and funky undead enemies. This mod removes the “player survival” aspect of the game and tweaks it so that you won’t die, allowing you to gain 10 times the XP for every kill. It appears that with this mod, the zombies are the ones who need to find a way to survive.

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