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In Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll only get so many Emblem Rings to equip to your ever-growing army. To make up for this, you can create Bond Rings, which are basically bite-sized Emblem Rings that grant you bonus stats and sometimes new abilities. Today, we’ll show you the best bond rings to get in Fire Emblem Engage in our roll guide!

Rolling for the Best Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

To begin the creation process, head to the Ring Chamber on the Somniel. Walk up to the central pedestal, then select Create Bond Rings to get started.

The first step is to choose an Emblem of which to create the Bond Rings. Each Emblem contains up to 40 Bond Rings, and they all have unique stats and abilities. The game will keep track of which Bond Rings you’ve unlocked.

You can create a single Bond Ring, which costs 100 Bond Fragments, or a batch of ten, which costs 1,000 Bond Fragments. There’s no advantage to either option, other than saving time.

An example pull. We got 9 C-ranks and 1 B-rank.

When you create a Bond Ring, you will get a completely random Bond Ring from that Emblem’s pool. Bond Rings can come in four different ranks; from worst to best, they go C, B, A, and finally S-rank.

Here’s a tip: The only time Fire Emblem Engage auto saves is after a battle. This means that you can spend Bond Fragments to create Bond Rings, and if you don’t get what you want, you can simply return to the title screen, reload your save, and try again.

You will naturally collect duplicates of Bond Rings you already own. This is where melding comes into play—you can combine multiples of the same Bond Ring to create the same Bond Ring, but with a higher rank.

  • 2 C-rank Bond Rings & 100 Bond Fragments ⇾ 1 B-rank Bond Ring
  • 3 B-rank Bond Rings & 1,000 Bond Fragments ⇾ 1 A-rank Bond Ring
  • 4 A-rank Bond Rings & 10,000 Bond Fragments ⇾ 1 S-rank Bond Ring
Make sure to meld your favorite Bond Rings.

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Now, onto the Bond Rings themselves. At S-rank, a select few Bond Rings have special abilities on them, and we think these are the best options to shoot for. Here’s a complete list of them.

Marth’s Bond Rings

  • Caeda (Dex+1, Spd+2, Lck+1): Sympathetic – If this unit is attacked while their HP is at 50% or less, they take 5 less damage.
  • Navarre (Dex+2, Spd+1, Lck+1): Deadly Blade Attacking with a sword grants Crit+10.

Sigurd’s Bond Rings

  • Deirdre (Mag+1, Dex+1, Res+2): Renewal Recover 5 HP every turn.
  • Seliph (Str+2, Dex+1, Def+1): Battlewise Gain Crit+1 every time you initiate combat and defeat enemies. This effect lasts for the rest of the battle, and stacks up to +10. One of the best abilities in the entire game.

Celica’s Bond Rings

  • Alm (Str+2, Dex+1, Def+1): Windsweep Gain a chance to disable an enemy’s counterattack whenever you initiate combat with a sword.
  • Mae (Mag+2, Spd+1, Res+1): Great Thunder Deal 20% more damage while using Thunder, Elthunder, or Thoron.

Micaiah’s Bond Rings

  • Sothe (Dex+2, Spd+1, Lck+1): Bane – Chance to reduce enemy’s HP to 1. The higher your Dex, the better the chance.
  • Elincia (Str+1, Spd+1, Lck+2): Mercy Finishing blows will leave the enemy at 1 HP instead. Useful for letting other units get the last hit in for more XP.

Roy’s Bond Rings

  • Lilina (Mag+2, Res+1, Lck+1): Raging Fire Deal 20% more damage while using Fire, Elfire, or Bolganone.
  • Dieck (HP+5, Str+1, Dex+1): Strong Arm Gain Hit+20 while using a smashing weapon.

Leif’s Bond Rings

  • Finn (Str+1, Dex+1, Spd+2): Miracle Chance for the unit to avoid a fatal blow. Activation chance is based on Lck.
  • Olwen (Mag+1, Spd+2, Lck+1): Dire Thunder Attacks twice when attacking with Thunder.

Lucina’s Bond Rings

  • Chrom (HP+5, Dex+1, Spd+1): Rightful Ruler Adds +5% chance to all abilities that have a trigger chance.
  • Lissa (Mag+1, Res+1, Lck+2): Healtouch Healing allies with a staff gives them 5 bonus HP.

Lyn’s Bond Rings

  • Eliwood (Str+1, Dex+1, Lck+2): Draw Back Move to an adjacent space while pulling an adjacent ally with you.
  • Nino (Mag+1, Spd+2, Res+1): Giga Excalibur Deals 20% more damage with Excalibur.

Ike’s Bond Rings

  • Soren (Mag+1, Dex+2, Res+1): Wind Adept Chance to attack twice when attacking with Wind. Activation chance is based on Dex.
  • Mia (Dex+1, Spd+2, Lck+1): Shove Push an adjacent ally 1 space away. Only works on allies with less Bld than the user.

Byleth’s Bond Rings

  • Edelgard (HP+2, Str+2, Def+1): Flickering Flower Chance to freeze the enemy upon initiating combat. Activation chance is based on the total damage dealt.
  • Dimitri (HP+2, Str+2, Dex+1): Paraselene Attack a foe and then move 1 space away after combat.
  • Claude (Dex+2, Spd+1, Lck+1): Wind God Gain +1 range with bows if unit is at max HP.

Corrin’s Bond Rings

  • Ryoma (Str+1, Spd+2, Lck+1): Bushido Gain Crit+10, deal 2 more damage and take 2 less damage when initiating combat against an enemy that is lower level than the user.
  • Xander (Str+1, Def+2, Lck+1): Chivalry Deal 2 more damage and take 2 less damage when initiating combat against an enemy at full HP.

Erika’s Bond Rings

  • Innes (Dex+1, Spd+2, Lck+1): Sure Strike Chance for attacks to always land when initiating combat. Activation chance is based on Dex.
  • Marisa (Dex+1, Spd+2, Lck+1): Lethality Chance to instantly kill an enemy upon landing a critical hit.

As you can probably guess, some of these abilities are real game-changers, so you’ll want to work towards them. This isn’t to say that the other Bond Rings are useless, but they just grant you bonus stats. It’s up to you to utilize those for your favorite units.

That concludes our roll guide on the best Bond Rings to get in Fire Emblem Engage. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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