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Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup

Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup

Do you need the most optimal Blooket Tower Defense configuration?  This comprehensive guide will assist you in achieving the optimal setup for your tower defense game, regardless of the size of your budget. Read below!

You will be able to put up the greatest possible setup for BTD with the help of these recommendations, which will allow your towers to operate at their maximum potential and make your castle ready for defense!

Once you have put together your BTD, you will be unable to make any modifications to it without incurring expensive repair costs. In addition to this, you need to check that your BTD setup makes sense and that there is nothing that you are missing or failing to notice in the process.

Basic Information

Your real towers are the most vital component of any Blooket tower defense setup you could possibly have. It is irrelevant whether sort of tower you purchase or how many you acquire if you do not have the appropriate placement.

It is irrelevant whether sort of tower you purchase or how many you acquire if you do not have the appropriate placement. The optimal strategy for you would be to position your towers with the most damage per second (DPS) in the cardinal points first. 

After that, you should direct your attention to building perimeter walls, which are more affordable and smaller, to protect your flanks. 

Eventually, you should construct some support towers in between the perimeter defenders.

In addition, keep an eye out for monsters with a lot of health; they pose a significant threat if left unchecked, so be sure to position a couple towers close by. And last, while placing towers, keep in mind that the camera may be rotated so you can adjust your point of view.

In most cases, the price of a turret shouldn’t be more than $3,000. Extremely rare exceptions to this rule are customized or one-of-a-kind turrets that pack a lot of punch for the buck. Towers like the Vulcan on level 6 deliver immense damage to flying foes, while the Guardian at level 5 does huge damage over time with its acid spray ability.

It’s better to spend your early levels upgrading your inexpensive defenses rather than replacing them with pricier ones.


Your early Blooket game could something like this: a pair of anti-air turrets of level 3 (Anti-Air) A Single Anti-Air Gun of Level 4 (Anti-Air) Assist Gun Turret, Level 4 – 1 ea (Support) Turret for a Tank, Level 3 (Tank) Double Perimeter Guns of Level 3 (Perimeter) 2x Tier 4 Perimeter Turrets (Perimeter) (Perimeter).

The early game is best played with several high DPS turrets, but towards the middle game you should switch to turrets with lower DPS but better health/area of impact. If monsters of high level are given the chance to strike without taking damage themselves, they may easily outdamage even tier 10 tanks. All players should have at least one turret at their disposal at all times.

When you go into fight with a buddy or group, everyone should carry at least one type of turret and split it between towers so you have backup defenses in case someone leaves fast or becomes disconnected. Remember how your turret levels up over time.

If your main tank has a 90% probability of preventing assaults on its own and a 30% chance when supported by surrounding turrets, then it’s a smart idea to install some extra perimeter fortifications around it.

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Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup


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