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Best Blade and Soul Classes

Best Blade and Soul Classes
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In an MMO like Blade and Soul, there would usually be dedicated classes for certain roles, such as healers and tanks, but this is not really the case with Blade and Soul. All characters in this MMO have the ability to perform the tank role (although some are best at it!), and you can equip gear and upgrade skills to help with heals.

With this in mind, how would we choose which class to be when starting the game? What are the best classes in Blade and Soul? Here is all you need to know.

The role of classes in Blade and Soul

There are 14 classes in Blade and Soul, each with their own strengths, which define their roles in a group, and all offering either offensive or defensive buffs to the team. These classes are:

  • Zen Archer: Ranged DPS, offensive team buff
  • Warden: Tank, offensive team buff
  • Gunslinger: Ranged DPS, offensive team buff
  • Soul Fighter: Melee DPS, resurrection for team, heals
  • Warlock: Ranged DPS, offensive team buff
  • Blade Dancer: Melee DPS, defensive team buff
  • Summoner: Ranged DPS, defensive team buff, heals, team resurrection
  • Assassin: Melee DPS, offensive team buff, defensive team buff
  • Force Master: Ranged DPS, defensive team buff
  • Destroyer: Melee DPS, defensive team buff
  • Kung Fu Master: Tank, offensive team buff
  • Blade Master: Tank, defensive team buff
  • Astromancer: Ranged DPS, offensive team buff
  • Dual Blade: Melee DPS, offensive team buff

Choosing a class is always down to personal preference, so if you already know what type of player you are in an MMO of this type, then you should already have an idea of which class you will pick. If, however, you have no idea and want to try out a few, be warned: every new character you create is required to go through the main quest, which takes up to 25 hours to complete. The best you can do is test things out in the training room, which allows you to get some pretty good understanding of whether the class is a good fit for you.

Best Blade and Soul classes

With all that in mind, here are the classes that we enjoy the most in Blade and Soul.

Image via NCSoft

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The Warden is not too hard to play and is well worth the effort to master. The Warden has a mighty sword that he yields on the battlefield, and he is an excellent tank. It would be surprising to see a party without a Warden class, as they are versatile and great for buffs as well as DMG resist. The Warden takes a lot of damage for the party, so it’s a great choice for those players who want to be up front in the action.

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The Warlock is easy to play and popular with beginners. Much like the Warden, this class can be helpful in many ways by harnessing dark magic and summoning a demonic thrall! Considered a bit of a glass canon, they can deal great damage and offer buffs to the team, but can’t take too much damage themselves. If you have this class, you don’t need another grab type, leaving room in the team for more high defense classes.

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Blade Master is a great class for those who need a variety of attacks and defensive skills. They have high ATK speed, and are quick on their feet with dodges and parries, making them pretty useful in a party. What makes this a good choice is the fact it has no stark disadvantages that enemy parties can exploit.

Image via NCSoft

The Gunslinger is for those players who enjoy using firearms more than melee weapons in their games. She can grab, and she has quick reflexes, with a range of impressive skills. Her mobility isn’t great, but she’s quick enough to make her stand on the battlefield against even the toughest enemies.

Whoever you choose, be sure to take time in the training room to really master your skills before heading out to fight in Blade and Soul!

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Best Blade and Soul Classes