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Best Accessories in Roblox Pixel Piece

Best Accessories in Roblox Pixel Piece
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Accessories can make or break an outfit, and when they come with significant perks and bonus stats, they become much more important. If you’re playing Roblox Pixel Piece, you know that there are multiple collectible items lying around in different sectors of the map, just waiting to be discovered and equipped. And a real pirate would never be the one to shy away from some forward-thinking fashion.

In this article, we bring you our list of five best accessories in Roblox Pixel Piece in no particular order and explain where to find them. But before we jump in, make sure to get the latest Pixel Piece codes and redeem them for useful freebies!

Marine Cap

Starter Island in Pixel Piece doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to collecting accessories. The real fun starts when you move to Shells Town. This is where you will have a chance to lay your hands on the Marine Cap, and you will want to find it because this neat accessory provides passive stat buffs—+5 Health and +15 stamina.

This item drops randomly after you defeat the Swordsman Sailor Guard, which can be done during the quest given to you by an NPC called Namtar. You might have to try your luck with fighting this enemy several times because the Marine Cap is not guaranteed to drop after each win. Make sure you are ready as this enemy is level 30-35.

Clown Nose

Most accessories we recommend getting in Pixel Piece are located in Orange Town. One of them is the Clown Nose, an accessory that gives you +5 Health and 1x Health Regeneration, making it as valuable as it is fun.

To obtain the Clown Nose, you need to fight and defeat Clown Pirates after you speak with Latf in Orange Town. You should be at least level 35 and prepare accordingly, but the good news is that this accessory drops rather fast so you won’t need to kill too many Clown Pirates.

Puggy Hat, Scarf, and Cape

Why wear just a hat when there’s a matching scarf too? The whole outfit becomes that much better when you add the cape as well. And wait until you hear about the perks these items bring.

You can obtain Puggy Hat, Scarf, and Cape by winning the fight against Captain Pugg, a difficult boss in Orange City. Before you engage this enemy, make sure to level up at least to level 55 to stand a chance. Even though all three items drop from the same boss, you won’t be able to get all three of them together. You will need to fight Captain Pugg multiple times until you collect all three accessories.

This can be challenging since Puggy Hat is a Mythic item, but the grind is worth it. Puggy Hat gives you +35 Health, +15 Stamina, and +2 Stamina Regeneration. When you equip Puggy Cape, you will get +40 Health and +20 Stamina. With Puggy Scarf, players benefit from +3 Stamina Regeneration.

Metal Jaw

Another item that you can get in Shells Town is definitely worth your time. Metal Jaw gives you +10 Health, +15 Stamina, and +1 Stamina Regeneration. It is designated as a Rare neck item, but it drops after the fight with Norgan, who is not an easy boss to fight. Even though you can find Norgan in Shells Town, you should still aim at reaching level 45 before you try your luck.

Kaba Scarf

Last but not least on our list is Kaba Scarf, a Common rarity item that grants you +2 Health Regeneration and +10 Stamina. This is another Orange Town accessory, and you will get it if you defeat Kabaji, yet another boss. You can start the quest that includes this fight by talking to an NPC called Picles, but we recommend leveling up to at least level 50 beforehand.

And that concludes our list of the best accessories in Roblox Pixel Piece! Let us know which accessory is your favorite and if you managed to collect them all. In the meantime, don’t skip our dedicated Roblox Pixel Piece section on TouchTapPlay for more useful guides!

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Best Accessories in Roblox Pixel Piece


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