You are sent on a top-secret mission to infiltrate a hi-tech pyramid in the middle of the Antarctic. There is a powerful machine located within the core of the pyramid, and a research team has gone missing – it is up to you to find the them.

After a run-in with a mysterious device, you suddenly find yourself warping reality as we know it. Time Hardly Waits is a first-person puzzle adventure game where time is a construct that can be manipulated.

Using the mysterious device, you can change how time flows. Is a wall moving around in front of you too fast? Slow it down and pass on by with relative ease. Bridge wiggling around too fast? Slow that thing down!

The agent will find themselves stuck in seemingly impossible worlds, with skyscrapers floating around, rotating as high speeds, and random vehicles soaring through the air. Manipulating time is the only way they will escape this dreamscape.

Time Hardly Waits is available now on the App Store.


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